Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 3 Reasons Hanna and Caleb Need to Stay Together
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 3 Reasons Hanna and Caleb Need to Stay Together

As we all know by now, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) are going to be on different television shows moving forward. Caleb has joined the cast of spin-off Ravenswood, while Hanna stays on Pretty Little Liars. Some fans think this is the end for our beloved couple, but we’re not so sure. Here are three reasons these two crazy kids need to stay together.

Star-crossed romance is riveting

Ever heard of a little play called Romeo and Juliet? Everyone knows that star-crossed romance makes for the best kind of storytelling (there’s even a show called Star-crossed premiering this fall on The CW). After all, R&J is over 500 years old and people still love it! That’s narrative power PLL could tap into. We’re not saying we want Hanna and Caleb’s families to start killing each other off (or for Haleb to end with a double suicide), but we think their long-distance, cross-show romance has great dramatic potential.

The Liars need Caleb’s mad hacking skills

Not to get too practical on you, but Caleb’s skillset as a techno guru has become increasingly more valuable to the Liars over the seasons. Many of the leads the Liars have followed to get closer to “A” and/or to protect themselves from (too much) danger came as a result of Caleb’s behind-the-scenes work. We’re not sure how the Liars will fare without it. Toby is pretty and everything, but we’re not sure how helpful his carpentry skills are going to be in taking down “A.” And Paige isn’t much use unless the epic “A” confrontation happens in a pool.

Because they're each other's lobsters!

We may be dating ourselves here, but we’re calling as evidence one of television’s greatest explanations of epic romance: Phoebe’s lobster theory on Friends. According to her, Ross and Rachel are going to work out because they're one another’s lobsters (“It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank, holding claws.”) We think Hanna and Caleb are each other’s lobsters, too, which means these two are destined to hold claws in their old age.

Why do you think Haleb needs to stay together? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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