Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 5 Reasons Aria Shouldn’t Be “A”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 5 Reasons Aria Shouldn’t Be “A”

We’ve outlined the many reasons Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) should be “A,” why she could be “A,” and why she might be working with Ezra (as "A"). It’s time to take this speculation in another direction. Here are five reasons Aria being Pretty Little Liars“A” makes absolutely no sense.

Aria gets (and reacts to) “A” texts — even when no one else is around

Let’s get this one right out of the way because it has to be the most obvious. As is the case with the rest of the Liars, Aria regularly receives unpleasant texts from “A.” Now, one could argue that these texts are sent by Aria to herself to keep the Liars from suspecting her, but Aria reacts to these texts even when she’s by herself. We’d have to stretch logic pretty far (i.e. Aria has some sort of split personality or is just really committed to the role) to explain her fearful, angry, and anxious reactions away and that is probably more than we’re willing to suspend disbelief.

She almost got pushed off of the Halloween train

Even if you don’t buy the reasoning that Aria wouldn’t react to “A” texts when by herself, you have to admit the Halloween train episode was pretty frightening for her. Now, we’re pretty sure it was Wilden who tried to kill Aria on the Halloween train, but do you really think “A” would let this sort of thing happen to her? “A” is always one step ahead, and in complete control of the situation. There’s sending yourself a fake text fake threatening your life, and then there’s letting yourself get drugged, trapped in a box with a dead guy, and nearly pushed to your death off a moving train. These are way different leagues of charade.

Her “A” outfit would be way cooler

We know the point of wearing all black is to stay anonymous, but if Aria were “A” she would definitely jazz up the “A” Team outfit. This is a girl who pairs a comic book dress with a giant spider necklace. She doesn’t do subtle. Those black hoodies would be a well-fitted peplum jacket and those gloves would definitely have some kind of lace and/or antique button detailing. Fact.

She loves her friends

We’ve been with the Liars now for four seasons, and they are constantly putting one another first. Even this season, Spencer eventually stopped covering for Toby because she valued the Liars so much that she wouldn’t keep lying to them. This is par for the course with these four girls. They prioritize their friendship with one another more super highly. Aria has only ever demonstrated that she loves Spence, Hanna, and Em and would do anything for them, i.e. not bully and terrorize them.

More than that — she has no motive whatsoever

When it comes down to it, Aria has no motive for being “A.” Sure, you can attach some as-of-yet unexplained motive to her, but you could do that to any of the characters on the show. Aria has never demonstrated that she is anything but a loving and considerate friend, daughter, sister, and girlfriend. Unless she had some kind of unexplained psychotic break while in Iceland (this is one of those conjured-up motives we mentioned before), she has no reason to torment the people of Rosewood.

Do you think Aria could be “A”? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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