Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 5 Reasons Mona Is Still “A”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 5 Reasons Mona Is Still “A”

Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) may just be the most fascinating character on Pretty Little Liars. She is unknowable, always surprising both us and the Liars with her antics. Just when we think we have the supposedly-reformed “A” figured out, she goes and does something completely unexpected (i.e. confessing to Wilden’s murder), and stays mum about her motivations. This inability to pin down Mona’s motives is what makes us doubt that she ever truly gave up her “A” crown. Here are five reasons we think Mona is still “A”.

She met up with Shana in the summer finale

Whoever Uber “A” is, she has a wide network of informants and minions to do her bidding. She doesn’t have her finger in just one pie, she has fingers in all of them (and since we’ve apparently committed to this idiom, possibly more than two hands). In the summer finale, we saw Mona meeting up with Shana. This was suspicious not only because “A” claimed she had Mona and would hurt her if the Liars didn’t follow her instructions (and Mona did decidedly not look like a hostage relaxing on the porch of a lovely bed and breakfast), but because we had never seen these two interact before. Shana is close with Jenna, and has been seen working with both Melissa and Wilden in the past, but never with the “A” Team. If Mona has alliances with the “B” Team as well as the “A” Team (possibly), then she pretty much has the entire town at her disposal.

She went missing the morning of Wilden’s murder

We keep going back to the fact that Mona disappeared the morning Wilden was found dead. She claimed she was just going for a breakfast run, but when has Mona ever casually told the truth? We’re not sure why “A” would have wanted Wilden dead perhaps because he was moving in on her territory but the fact remains that Mona had the opportunity and the means (she did some pretty shady stuff as the Original “A”) to take Wilden out.

That antagonistic convo with Wren

Following her confession to Wilden’s murder, Mona got sent back to Radley where she got to chat it up with her good friend Dr. Wren. The conversation was super tense, with Mona telling Wren that she used to trust him... “before she realized where [his] loyalties were.” This could be interpreted as a sign that Wren is allied with “A,” or it could mean exactly the opposite. What if Mona is implying that Wren’s loyalties lie with the Liars? This would mean that she is against the Liars, i.e. possibly even “A.”

Mrs. Grunwald hinted that the Liars were compromised

In the summer finale, Mrs. Grunwald tells the Liars that she pulled Ali from the ground the night she supposedly died and that Ali has been running ever since. When the Liars call shenanigans because they think Ali would have come to them, Mrs. G. implies that talking to the Liars is not safe. What if she was referring to their connection with Mona? Mona has had access to the Liars through her friendship with Hanna, her surveillance as the Original “A,” and most recently her tentative alliance with them in Season 4. If Mona is still “A,” then we can totally understand why Ali would stay away from the Liars.

Do you think Mona is still “A”? Why or why not? Share your theories in the comments below!

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