Once Upon a Time Season 4: 5 Things We Want to See
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 4: 5 Things We Want to See

Once Upon a Time Season 4 isn't coming until our television screens until this fall, but we've already put some thought into what we want to see when it does. And by "some" thought, we mean we hardly think about anything else.

Season 3 introduced some major changes, and we've already cooked up a wishlist of things we want to see for next season. Read on for our top five hopes for Season 4, and then let us know what you want to see from the show in the comments below.

1. Don't make Elsa a villain. We know Frozen's Elsa is coming, and we're kind of iffy about it. The number one thing we don't want is for this utterly sympathetic character to be turned into a villain. We kind of like the idea of our heros mistaking her for one — that's what happens in the movie, after all — but we certainly hope she keeps her well-meaning core.

2. Don't turn Regina into a victim. The Regina/Robin/Marian triangle has the potential to be fascinating, but it could also create a situation where the writers give into their urge to paint Regina as the victim. It is horrible for her that she might lose her love just when she found him, and we're excited to see how she deals with that, but we really hope the show — and the other characters — don't lose track of the fact that in the original timeline, Regina killed Marian for helping Snow. We don't want to see Emma become the bad guy for saving her life, and we hope that Regina will be able to acknowledge that this time around, some of her unhappiness is a result of her past wrongdoings. That would be amazing character growth.

3. Rumple and Belle face their issues head on. We ship Rumbelle as much as the next person, but seriously, they have issues. Big issues. Like complete betrayal of trust issues. We're tired of Belle always forgiving Rumple and we hope it takes a lot to win her back once she inevitably finds out about the dagger switch up.

4. Not too much Hook/Emma drama. Hook and Emma are just starting a relationship, and we're sure there will be plenty of organic bumps in the road. After all, they are each emotionally guarded in their own ways, and we want to see them work through that. However, we don't want their relationship drama to eat the show; hopefully it can be interwoven smoothly with the larger arcs without taking up too much screen time.

5. More Charming family development! The Charming family continues to be the heart of the show, and we loved seeing Emma and her parents actually grow closer and confront some of their issues in Season 3. We want more of that, and we're interested to see how the new baby will change the dynamic.

What's on your Once Upon a Time Season 4 wish list? Let us know in the comments below.