The Walking Dead Season 4: Is Abraham’s Arrival Bad News For Tyreese — Or Daryl?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Is Abraham’s Arrival Bad News For Tyreese — Or Daryl?

Is the zombie apocalypse big enough for this many alpha males? We hope so!

Still, The Walking Dead’s pattern — in the comics, anyway — has been to give Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) a best friend, then rip that best friend away and replace him with a new guy. But on TV, the tough guys are piling up, and a new one was just added on Season 4, Episode 10: Sgt. Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz).

Comic book spoilers ahead!

In the comics, Abraham becomes close to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), but only after Tyreese (Chad Coleman) is beheaded by The Governor in the final prison battle. They used to call that move being Tyreesed, but on TV it’s apparently getting Hersheled. Tyreese is still alive in the second half of Season 4, although he and Rick have had an uneasy relationship on TV and it would be a stretch to call them besties. Rick’s main BFF on TV is Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), who doesn’t exist at all in the comics. It’s kind of fascinating to think of a world with both Daryl and Abraham. Would they get along?

The Hollywood Reporter asked Michael Cudlitz about all the strong, opinionated men on the show — including Daryl, Tyreese, Abraham and Rick. How might those four guys get along? “We're going to have to see about that!” Michael answered. “You've never seen a world where Abraham and Tyreese have existed together.” (Daryl, too! And Bob, for that matter. Does Bob count as an alpha male?)

THR noted that Abraham arrived in the books after Tyreese’s death. Should fans worry about what that might mean for TV Ty? “This isn't Star Trek,” Michael replied. “We don't have to worry that Captain Kirk might die. Guess what? Captain Kirk might just die on you [on this show]. That being said, I think everybody has to worry about dying every week. You should expect things that you don't expect.” If Captain Kirk dies on this show, that’s probably Rick. Would Daryl be Spock?

Anyway, if we should expect what we don’t expect, maybe we should stop expecting something to happen to Tyreese. It might be too obvious, since the TV show deaths have been very, very different from the comic book deaths. What if they mix things up and off our beloved Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), who is still alive at this point in the comics? Maybe they give Glenn’s comic book death — which is brutal and comes much later — to someone else. But that’s total speculation.

It is pretty cool, though, to have so many book/TV characters in the mix together. As Michael told TV Guide, “There are people that I am inhabiting a world with that were already dead in the comics. That's going to be exciting for people who really know the comics. There's a lot of badasses in one room. Sh— is going to hit the fan. Where it ends tees up a whole new world.”

Nice! Do you think all those badasses will end up together the same space by the season finale, or might we lose some people along the way? It would be fun to see Abraham and Daryl have a conversation. And what about Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride)? She also died back at the prison in the books, and she was a very different woman there too. Abraham would probably appreciate TV Carol’s pragmatic style. If he didn’t already have a girlfriend in Rosita, he might even make a move. And in the comics, before Tyreese died, he was in a relationship with Carol. Pookie might find himself with competition this season!

Do you think Abraham’s arrival will push out one of the other major male characters, or will the show make room for everyone?

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