Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 3 Reasons Alison Should Be Dead
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 3 Reasons Alison Should Be Dead

For four seasons of Pretty Little Liars, one question has been repeated dozens of time: Is Alison DiLaurentis alive? It has been particularly prominent throughout Season 4, as some of the Liars think they saw her pull them out of the fire at the end of Season 3, and have questioned if the Ali masks could be hiding Ali herself.

Since the pilot, we’ve wondered if she could be hiding out somewhere — whether she’s “A,” Red Coat, or both — and until we find out her true fate in the summer finale, we’ll be guessing. There are still so many mysteries to solve, both about Ali and about “A” in general, but we have to admit that it might be best for her to stay buried, with certainty.

This isn’t to say that we don’t love Ali — in fact, we have plenty of reasons why we want her to be alive — but at the same time, her definitive death would give us (and the Liars) some closure. So, though it would be a good twist, here are three reasons we hope that Ali stays deAd.

It’s too predictable for her to be alive. Ali actually being alive would be a great twist, but we have seen it coming for four seasons; it’s the ultimate “told you so!” Given that there have been so many clues that she’s still kickin’, we would appreciate them to all be debunked and for the Liars to finally be able to cross someone off their “A” suspects list.

The Liars can focus on real suspects instead. Chasing after a ghost can only go on for so long. We’d rather have the Liars focus on potential suspects like CeCe, Wren, Melissa, and more. Heck, they can even investigate each other, but knowing that Ali is definitely dead will allow them to give up that theory and move on to bigger and badder things (and people).

It adds fuel to the fire to find Ali’s killer. We still don’t know who killed Ali, so once we discover that she is dead, the Liars can tackle finding her killer. They’ve narrowed down that pool, too, and once they finally zero in on him or her, they will have another layer of closure, and in turn more time to focus on finding “A.”

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