Downton Abbey Season 4: Who Are the Twins Who Play Baby George Crawley?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 4: Who Are the Twins Who Play Baby George Crawley?

Few television babies have been awaited with such eagerness as was George Crawley of Downton Abbey. After season after season spent watching his parents Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) fight their obvious love for one another, make it through a world war, and battle fertility issues, George’s arrival marked a wonderful new chapter in our favorite Downton romance.

Before we get to that one really bad part at the end of Season 3, let’s take a moment and recall the looks of blissful happiness on Mary and Matthew’s faces as they gazed into the eyes of their baby son. Remember that? Good because then comes The Accident and away go our happy feelings.

Six months later and a grieving Mary is still struggling to get her head above water. The suddenly single mother can barely stand to spend time with her son and in the Season 4 premiere even calls him a “poor little orphan.” Thankfully, since then Mary has emerged from the worst of her grief. She’s even sneaking into the nursery to spend more time with George!

And who could blame her? Just look at the kid. The hair. Those eyes. That sailor outfit.

Downton Abbey Season 4: Who Are the Twins Who Play Baby George Crawley?
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As if that’s not enough cute for a lifetime, get this: There are two of them! In true Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Full House fashion, Baby George is played by a set of twins.

Logan and Cole Weston were born August 15, 2012, and started filming at just six months old. On set for a total of 11 days, the twins were given every comfort, says their 23-year-old mother, Charlotte.

“They had their own trailer with ‘Baby George’ pinned on the door,” she tells The Daily Mail. Inside: a cot, a sofa, some toys, a TV, and likely some of the Haribo sweets and milk Downton producers always kept at hand for their youngest stars.

When on set, Charlotte says Logan did most of the photoshoots while Cole handled the acting, and funny enough, their onscreen mum was the only cast member who could tell the identical twins apart!

From the looks of Logan and Cole’s Twitter account, they enjoy wearing matching outfits, going to the playground with Charlotte and dad David, and melting hearts in their home village of Meathop in Cumbria. Oh and sometimes they chat up fellow Downton baby co-star Ava Mann (Sybbie) on Twitter and our cute-baby-o-meters explode into a thousand tiny onesies.

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