Vampire Diaries Season 4 Behind the Scenes: Elena’s Evolution (VIDEO)
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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Behind the Scenes: Elena’s Evolution (VIDEO)

Fans of Nina Dobrev's acting skills should check out this featurette from The Vampire DiariesSeason 4 DVD set, “The Evolution of Elena Gilbert.”

This 8-minute featurette showcases Elena's journey from human to vampire, and features character insights from executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries, as well as observations from Candice Accola and Nina herself!

Julie starts the video off by saying, “The decision to turn Elena into a vampire meant a lot of things. It meant taking your heroine and turning her into a creature that could potentially be evil and it meant taking a human character and turning her into a supernatural character, in addition to the doppelganger, which already exists. So it launched a challenge for Nina Dobrev, which was thrilling to all of us as writers. And equally thrilling, for her, as an actress.” No doubt! We don’t know she keeps all her characters and personalities straight, but we’re impressed.

And what about that traumatic transition? Julie added, “We knew we didn’t want it to be an easy journey for her. I think some of our audience would have loved that. They would have preferred it if day 2 she woke up and life was an endless party and we were having all the fun in the world. But our love for Elena and our protection of her as our heroine; we wanted to show the cautionary tale attached to vampirism. It’s not wish fulfillment, it’s a curse.”

Nina also addresses what it was like to play the new Elena, saying, “As a newbie vampire now, it’s not always fun. Because Elena’s experience as a vampire isn’t fun and games. It heightened all her emotions and her feelings, which were sorrow and despair. As an actress is gives me a lot to do, because I get to do this full range of emotions.”

And we love this insight from Candice: “I love watching Elena, who usually has it so together, finally not have it together. The whole idea of turning her humanity off? I think it’s kind of the most human we’ve seen her. She’s finally getting angry. She’s finally mad, and she’s finally really rebelling against this idea of what she should be feeling.”

Wow. We never thought of it that way! But she’s right … Elena was kind of predictable and concerned with acting like “the good girl” before she became a vamp. And now, all bets are off. Humanity or not, we like vampire Elena! Especially when she’s heating up the screen with Damon.

Bring on Season 5! The hot “Delena” action cannot get here soon enough.

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