The Walking Dead Season 4: Can We Trust Bob Stookey? Robert Kirkman Weighs In!
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Can We Trust Bob Stookey? Robert Kirkman Weighs In!

In the wake of Carol Peletier’s (Melissa McBride) brutal but arguably necessary choice to kill flu-stricken Karen and David, fans of The Walking Dead are probably more wary than ever before about who they can and cannot trust. When Team Prison learns about what Carol did, our hunch is that many of them will feel the same way.

If Carol can be trusted, then who can?

That’s exactly the question TWD comic book creator and executive producer wants viewers to be asking themselves.

The TWD mastermind chatted with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week, and though he was asked specifically about whether or not we should trust newbie Bob Stookey, (Larry Gilliard Jr.) he noted that that question could and should be asked of practically every character this season.

We like the fact that this is the world of The Walking Dead and there is a question of, ‘Who can you trust?’ We've just proven that you can't even trust Carol and they've been with her since the very beginning of this show,” he points out.

Even though Carol resorted to extreme measures, we kinda buy the idea that she killed Karen and David to protect the others. Whether or not she’s at least partially covering up for someone else (we’re looking at you, Lizzie!) remains to be seen but we do think it’s possible that Carol committed murder because she saw it as the only solution to the flu problem. And even Melissa acknowledges that her on-screen counterpart is remorseful.

Speaking more specifically about whether or not we can trust Bob, Robert noted, “Maybe they can trust Bob, maybe they can't, but it's that question that drives things and shows that there are so many dangers to this world... Maybe the situation with Bob is going to blow up in their faces, or maybe he'll end up being a very valuable member in the group for a good long while. So we'll just have to wait and find out.”

It seems like we’ve been hearing a ton of “wait and see” lately, but we trust that the Powers That Be will provide answers to many of our questions — we just hope we’re satisfied with their responses!

Do you think Bob is trustworthy? Sound off below!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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