The Walking Dead Season 4: Can Terminus Be Trusted? No “Simple” Answers
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Can Terminus Be Trusted? No “Simple” Answers

All roads — or at least train tracks — lead to this Terminus/sanctuary in the second half of The Walking Dead Season 4. Is that good or bad? Can we trust this place? Maybe the question should be, can we trust the people at or on the way to Terminus?

Producer Gale Anne Hurd talked to Yahoo about all things Episode 10, including the Terminus sign Tyreese (Chad Coleman), Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and the kids saw on the train tracks. This sanctuary was first hinted to in a radio message earlier in the season — so at the very least, this is an organized group that can make a radio signal, put up maps and blanket the greater Atlanta area with intel on a community where those who arrive, survive.

Yahoo mentioned how the man on the tracks said the place was safe, but people would’ve said the same about Woodbury too. Should we trust Terminus or is there more to the place than the sign promises? “You certainly don't know,” Gale said. “The prison was a real sanctuary. It was what we thought it would be. Of course, at the same time, we saw that when Tyreese and Sasha and their group first arrived there, Rick was spending a bit of time in crazy town and sent them away. I don't think anything is completely simple in this world, because it's difficult to trust everyone, or anyone, as a matter of fact.”

So maybe, like any place, Terminus has “good” and “bad” people who may switch hats on any given day. Or maybe it’s a trap. Some fans are speculating that it could be related to The Hunters, a cannibal group featured in the comics. Or perhaps The Hunters aren’t tied to the sanctuary, they’re just targeting people who follow the tracks to Terminus, figuring they’re easy targets. Maybe our group has a run-in with some Hunters on the way to sanctuary? If those who arrive survive, the trick may be just arriving!

But as Gale said, we certainly don’t know. It’s always fun to speculate, though, so share your thoughts on Terminus. Will Team Prison reunite at this place and find some relative kind of safety?

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Yahoo

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