The Walking Dead Season 4: Carl and Michonne’s Relationship Will Be Central
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Carl and Michonne’s Relationship Will Be Central

The Walking Dead Season 4 will see a major change in Rick Grimes’ character. The Ricktator is a thing of the past, and instead, the single father of two will turn his focus to his children. "He repurposes himself towards raising Carl and Judith, and protecting them emotionally instead of physically," executive producer Robert Kirkman tells TVLine.

While Judith is still a baby, it’s clear that Carl — who killed an innocent kid at the end of Season 3 — now needs his dad more than ever. "He's trying to make sure these kids don't lose their humanity. That's almost the central theme of the season," Robert continues.

Thankfully, it sounds like Rick will have some help in putting his kids on the right path. Michonne is slated to be a bit of role model for Carl, who was forced to shoot his own mom, Lori, last season. "That relationship is something of a focus for the entire season," Robert reveals. "I wouldn't say she's a [mother figure] to him, but it's a friendly relationship; they're almost like peers."

And when she’s not bonding with Carl, we can expect Michonne to be steadfast in her search for The Governor in order to avenge Andrea’s death. Although he was missing from the trailer (and his portrayer, David Morrissey, was just cast in a new pilot) Robert promises that The Gov. will return and will be "a very different character" come Season 4.

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Source: TVLine