The Walking Dead Season 4: Carol and Daryl May Not Get Together?
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Carol and Daryl May Not Get Together?

Um, according to this fan poster, T-Dog died for "Caryl" to happen on The Walking Dead Season 4, so... it'd better happen.

Once again, the topic of Daryl Dixon's (Norman Reedus) lack of a love life has taken the spotlight. A lot of fans — often called Caryl shippers — want him to get together with his longtime flirt-mate, Carol (Melissa McBride). Even though we think it's kinda creepy, some fans would prefer Daryl flirt with teenage Beth (Emily Kinney). Others would prefer him with someone new, or with no one at all, since there's no need to mess up a good thing.

Comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman revealed his death wish when he said Daryl's fans might get him killed with their threat to riot if anything happens to the hottest Dixon brother.

Now Kirkman is throwing his neck back on the block, telling TVLine the Daryl/Carol relationship may not go from slow burn to hot lovin' in Season 4. "There's every chance that it's actually a no-burn and these two people don't get together," Kirkman said. "Daryl and Carol are very different people. These are two very damaged individuals, and that leads them to connect in a very serious emotional way. But it still remains to be seen whether that's actually going to spiral into a romance."

Before you curse his name, remember that Robert is the ultimate spoiler-phobe. If he says Rick and Daryl could die at any time, that probably means they won't. And if he's hedging on a Daryl/Carol romance, that probably means it's coming. So this could be good news for Caryl fans.

The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres Sunday, October 13 on AMC. Are you hoping for some Caryl love, or do you want the show to steer clear of that?

Source: TVLine