The Walking Dead Season 4: Carol Kills Lizzie in Episode 14: “The Grove”
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Carol Kills Lizzie in Episode 14: “The Grove”

The second half of Season 4 of The Walking Dead may have had a less than thrilling start, but in tonight’s Episode 14: “The Grove” the AMC hit show delivered not one, but two shocking deaths. The brand-new hour gave us a peek into how Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Tyreese (Chad Coleman), Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino), Mika (Kyla Kenedy), and baby Judith are faring in this post-prison life, and after tonight to say they’re not doing too great would be an understatement.

Little Lizzie has always had a strange relationship with walkers, showing little fear towards them and even preferring to play with them over living, breathing people. We always knew there was something off about her and in “The Grove” we learned that she was the one feeding walkers rats at the fence back at the prison and more importantly, that she stabbed her sister Mika and insisted on seeing her turn, even pulling a gun on Carol and Tyreese when they attempted to get the knife from her.

Lizzie’s actions left Carol virtually inconsolable, and she weeped over Mika’s body much like how she broke down after Sofia’s death in Season 2. Carol even said that Mika reminded her of Sofia, and it’s almost like she was reliving that loss all over again with Mika’s brutal murder.

We know that Carol is no stranger to making tough decisions (in this episode she also confessed to Tyreese that she killed a flu-ridden Karen back at the prison, not Lizzie as he thought) and after seeing what Lizzie was capable of, both Tyreese and Carol knew something had to be done, reasoning that Lizzie couldn’t be around people.

The following day Carol takes Lizzie for a stroll outside while Tyreese and Judith stay in the house. Carol tells Lizzie to look at the flowers (much like she did when he father died in the season premiere) and Carol shoots her.

Later in the episode Tyreese and Carol bury both girls, Carol finally confesses to killing Karen, and then Tyreese, Carol, and Judith continue on the road to Terminus.

Did this episode of TWD go too far, or was it the action-packed hour you’ve been waiting for? Tell us your thoughts below.

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