Will Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon Kiss on The Walking Dead Season 4? (UPDATE)
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The Walking Dead

Will Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon Kiss on The Walking Dead Season 4? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Nope, it's not Caryl! E! eliminated Carol and Daryl on January 9. We all knew it was a long-shot!

Original story:

Don’t get too excited — or upset — yet, The Walking Dead fans.

It’s still just a guessing game, but E! News dropped a spoiler bomb that “one of the hottest could-be couples on TV — a pairing with a decidedly devout ‘shipper’ following — is finally going to lock lips for the very first time [...] It is a first kiss. And it is epic. The smooch, which will happen pretty soon in the new year, will alter the course of these two characters for the rest of the series.”

They said the couple kisses, then one of them “freaks out,” and then one of them gets a new love interest.

E! even shared a list of kissing suspects, including our own Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). Here are all of the contenders:

• Abbie and Ichabod, Sleepy Hollow

• Stefan and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries

• Danny and Mindy, The Mindy Project

• Huck and Quinn, Scandal

• Felicity and Oliver, Arrow

• Haley and Elijiah, The Originals

• Nolan and Emily, Revenge

• Jake and Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

• Carrie and Quinn, Homeland

• Daryl and Carol, The Walking Dead

E!’s @kristindsantos will be eliminating a pair of suspects for every 100 RTs of the story’s link, till it’s only down to two couples. So for all we know, “Caryl” will be eliminated quickly. But maybe not?

Carol and Daryl do seem to fit the teases. TWD Season 4 returns with its second half on February 9, 2014, which could be considered pretty soon in the new year, since many shows are returning from winter hiatus in January and February. We’ve been waiting a long time for Daryl and Carol to get together, and a kiss would be epic to “Caryl” shippers.

Then again, there’s so much going on with the mini groups separated after the prison battle, and we haven’t even seen Carol since Episode 4. Maybe, if Carol and Daryl are reunited, she’s so excited she kisses him? Norman has said if Carol and Daryl ever got together he would want it to be awkward and Carol would have to make the first move. Maybe it happens and he freaks out, like the spoiler suggests?

But if this is a Caryl spoiler, who would go on to have another love interest? Would Daryl go to Michonne or (noooo) Beth? He left the prison with Beth after the battle, so we’re expecting to see them on the road together when Season 4 picks up. Would Carol maybe hook up with Tyreese, since that’s an angle they took in the comics? That could complicate things in an interesting way on TV, since Tyreese doesn’t know that Carol confessed to the Karen/David killings.

Since there are 10 couples on that list, the odds favor this spoiler not applying to Daryl and Carol, but we will stay tuned until they are eliminated by E!

Do you think this spoiler is about “Caryl” or another couple? Do you hope it’s about TWD or hope this isn’t in our future?

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