The Walking Dead Season 4: Could Carol  Peletier Murder Glenn Rhee?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Could Carol Peletier Murder Glenn Rhee?

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) murdered Karen and David in an effort to prevent this deadly flu from spreading and killing even more members of Team Prison. Even though she likely had the best intentions, Carol’s plan was rash to say the least. She murdered two people to protect others, but how did she know that David and Karen wouldn’t get better on their own? To add insult to injury, Carol’s plan didn’t even work. The flu is still spreading with no signs of slowing down.

That got us thinking: Was Carol’s double-murder a one time thing, or should we expect her to off anybody with the sniffles? Former cop Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) didn’t have the time to ask Carol those questions after she confessed her crimes at the end of Episode 3 (because she walked away) but it’s on our mind, especially since Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) is now among the sick.

When Access Hollywood asked Melissa if her on-screen counterpart would ever harm Glenn because he’s sick, her answer was troublingly non-specific. “I don’t know. … That’s a great question. A great question.”

It’s a great question for sure, and certainly one we want an answer to! We’ve already speculated that Glenn won’t die just yet (if at all this season) but on TWD we’re well aware that “no one is safe.”

Do you think Carol would ever harm Glenn for the sake of others, or is that taking things a bit too far? Sound off below!

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Source: Access Hollywood