The Walking Dead Season 4: Carol Returns — and Is Traveling With Tyreese?!
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Carol Returns — and Is Traveling With Tyreese?!

Ever since Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) was banished by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the first half of Season 4, we've been furiously anticipating her return — and return she did in Season 4, Episode 9, "Inmates," just in the nick of time. And in a heartwarming tale of reconciling your gigantic differences, she's traveling with Tyreese (Chad Coleman). Although Carol totally killed Tyreese's girlfriend, Karen, and lit her on fire early on in Season 4, there's nothing like some desperate circumstances to forge unlikely friendships. Plus, Tyreese is traveling with Carol's surrogate daughters, Mika (Kyla Kenedy) and Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino), so you know Carol would've weaseled her way into that group no matter what.

Carol popped at a pretty crucial moment for Tyreese and the girls; walkers were closing in on Lizzie, Mika, and Judith, and Lizzie looked like she was about to accidentally smother Judith to death to keep her from crying. Tyreese was out hammering walkers, and just when it looked like he wasn't going to be able to rescue the girls in time, Carol shows up with Judith on her hip, flanked by Lizzie and Mika. Tyreese even gives her a hug and says the group was worried about her!

So how did Carol find the group, and how long has she been peeking in on Team Prison? She had just driven back to check on everyone right when the battle with The Governor's crew started. Carol tells Tyreese, "I saw the end, and then I saw you running into the woods." We're not sure if "the end" means the chaos of everyone going their separate ways or the violent beheading of Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson), but either way, we're glad she was able to join us.

Still, it seems like there's going to be an elephant in the group until Carol and Tyreese discuss the whole girlfriend-immolation thing. Let's just hope they can get to a safe place before those feelings get out of control.

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