Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 4: Photos from the February 23 Finale!

Ever since Season 4 of Downton Abbey wrapped in the United Kingdom ;back on Christmas Day 2013, we’ve been eagerly awaiting this year’s finale ;to make its way to the States. Sure, we’re still recovering from last year’s shocking reveal but the show’s higher-ups have ;assured us ;that this year’s ending won’t be spoiled by the deaths of any beloved characters.

Don’t expect the two-hour episode ;on February 23 to be light on drama, however. New photos from the finale episode hint at the kind of plot twists we can expect from the pen of Julian Fellowes. Oh and if you’re worried the characters might be chilly in their festive wear, that’s because this year’s special isn’t set at Christmas despite the show airing on that day in the U.K. It’s summertime in the land of Downton and everyone looks to be enjoying the sunshine.

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