The Walking Dead Season 4: Dallas Roberts Is Rooting For The Governor — Exclusive
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Dallas Roberts Is Rooting For The Governor — Exclusive

Dallas Roberts’ character may have gotten killed off during Season 3 of The Walking Dead (RIP Milton), and despite his death at the hands of The Governor, he’s still loyal to his former on-screen boss. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Dallas exclusively at the TrevorLIVE event on June 17 in New York City, and he revealed why he’s Team Governor and gave us some great scoop on his next project!

Even though his TWD days are seemingly behind him, Dallas tells us he “definitely” plans to watch Season 4 when it premieres later this year.”I've got to see what the Governor will do next. That's going to be always fun.”

Even though The Governor killed Milton when he disobeyed him, Dallas still has compassion for that character, noting, “If you look at it really hard, all he did is sort of reject Michonne, and she came back and killed his daughter in front of him. It’s more what she deserves.You can tell, I'm still camp Governor.”

Though we won't know where The Gov. is or when he's expected to grace us with his presence when Season 4 premieres on October 13, we recently learned that his character will likely have two stand-alone episodes in Season 4 which will primarily consist of flashbacks. Looks like we'll find out what made The Governor so evil after all!

As for what’s next for Dallas? He tells us that he is joining the cast of CBS’s Unforgettable, where he will play a “major crimes” boss on the show’s second season.

Will you miss Milton/Dallas on The Walking Dead? Tell us below!

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