The Walking Dead Season 4: Does Daryl Dixon Feel Responsible For the Loss of the Prison?
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Does Daryl Dixon Feel Responsible For the Loss of the Prison?

When we finally saw Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) again for the first time after The Walking Dead Season 4 midseason finale in Season 4 Episode 10: “Inmates,” and we were surprised at how quiet and unmotivated he seemed. To be fair, he was probably just in shock after The Governor (David Morrissey) destroyed the group’s home and beheaded Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson), but when Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) is the one motivating you, you know something must be off.

But aside from the shock of it all, is it possible that Daryl actually blames himself, at least in part, for what The Governor did to the prison? Access Hollywood interviewed TWD’s executive producer Gale Anne Hurd earlier this month, and she said guilt could be something Daryl must grapple with now that the prison has fallen and everyone is broken up into smaller groups.

When asked about Daryl’s transition from leader of a group to just another poor sucker trying to survive, Gale said, “That’s going to be something that’s going to be interesting to see. Clearly he’s one of the characters most suited to survive, especially survival on his own. Beth may be one that we would consider perhaps least well equipped, so that’s going to be a challenge.”

And what about that guilt we mentioned? Gale continued, “We’re also going to see the impact of having lost everything on him, to lose that unit that became his surrogate family, to possibly feel somewhat responsible for not being able to prevent the loss of the prison.”

Since Daryl began Season 4 looking for The Gov. and later abandoned his efforts we can kind of see the root of why he feels somewhat responsible for what happened, but we hate that he’s being so hard on himself and allowing the guilt to destroy him. Hopefully he’ll find the will to start leading again as the season progresses and snap out of his sad funk.

In the February 16 episode Daryl’s pal Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) finally made her long-awaited return after being banished to suburbia back in Episode 4, and Gale was asked if she thinks Carol was actually better off because she missed The Gov.’s attack. “Well, I don’t think being banished was ever a good thing,” she reasoned. “Did it mean that she was out of the firing zone? Yes. But at the same time, she may not even be aware that this went down. More than likely she’s not and surviving on your own — even as competent as she’s become — is always a challenge because no one has your back.”

Carol is currently traveling with Tyreese (Chad Coleman), Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino), Mika Samuels (Kyla Kenedy), and baby Judith, and none of them even know that she was ever sent away from the prison. It will be interesting to see how she interacts with Daryl and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) if and when they cross paths again since they are aware of the situation, but we think that’s a long way off.

How do you feel about Daryl’s guilt and Carol’s absorption back into the group, especially since she’s now with Tyreese? Tell us your thoughts below!

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Source: Access Hollywood