The Walking Dead Season 4: Inside Daryl Dixon’s Golf Club Rampage (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Inside Daryl Dixon’s Golf Club Rampage (VIDEO)

In Season 4, Episode 12: “Still” Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) took a tour of suburban Georgia, first emerging from the woods only to find a formerly-ritzy country club now overrun with walkers. In a behind the scenes video for “Still,” Norman describes what the real-life country club was made to look like. “It looks like the people that worked there sort of took it over and took it away from the rich people,” he explained.

Emily, Norman’s co-star in Episode 12 agreed, and praised the props department and set designers for all the hard work they put into making the club look disheveled, but still lived in. “There’s a whole story that was could really see that people had been camping out there,” she says.

It’s in the country club that Beth decides she needs to live a little and have her first drink. Emily explains her character’s motivation, noting,“For Beth the episode is a lot about grief. In order to deal with her father’s death, not knowing where her sister went, where the group is, Beth has decided that she really wants to have a drink. She’s never had one before, she’s decided now is the time.”

But for Daryl, the country club serves a different purpose. As executive producer Denise Huth points out, Daryl was in a much different mental state than his travel companion. “Daryl has kind of shut down,” she says. “He’s surviving because I think he doesn’t know how not to. They’re really broken.”

Daryl’s anger and frustration over the fall of the prison finally boils over and results in a walker rampage in the country club, during which Daryl attacks many of the undead by beating them with golf clubs. “The last zombie he’s sort of stalking. he takes his time with that kill and just brutally crushes that one zombie in a way that’s just flipped out,” Norman says.

As we know, Daryl had another freakout at the Moonshine house, but that was more of a breakthrough, as he finally let down his guard and confessed to Beth that he felt personally responsible for everything that went down at the prison in the midseason finale.

What are your thoughts on Daryl’s country club craziness? Watch the video below and share your thoughts!

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