The Walking Dead Season 4: David Morrissey on The Governor’s New “Responsibility” and Special Bond With Meghan
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: David Morrissey on The Governor’s New “Responsibility” and Special Bond With Meghan

If you had asked us at the end of The Walking Dead Season 3 if we thought there was any shred of humanity left in The Governor (David Morrissey), we would have answered with a resounding “hell no!” but as we were introduced to the big bad in Season 4, we realized that there just might be some compassion left in him afterall. After wandering the Georgia streets all by his lonesome, The Governor finds Tara, Lily, Don, and Meghan, a family just trying to survive.

Over the course of the episode The Gov. bonds with the family, even venturing out to a nursing home to get one last oxygen tank for cancer-stricken Don, who eventually dies.

David Morrissey chatted with The Hollywood Reporter and explained how this resurgence of humanity and newfound responsibility is natural to a man who killed his own citizens long ago, even if he doesn’t really want it.

“Nobody is all gray and no one is entirely bad. We are a mishmash of those things all the time. The Governor is not saying, ‘What would it be like to be nice to this young girl?’ It's a natural state for him to be, as natural as other messy stuff that he does,” David starts. “It does awaken a great responsibility in him for this girl, her mother and sister. He hates having responsibility, but he is a man who works well with it. Taking care of people he really loves is when he's at his best; it's not something that's manufactured.”

But The Governor’s specific moment of humanity came when he was playing chess with Meghan, a little girl who clearly reminds him of his own daughter, Penny.

David explains his fondness for that particular scene, noting, “What I like about that scene is that he's really closed down; he's not going to talk or engage with anybody else. The great thing about kids is they're truth tellers. They don't skirt around politeness. Everyone wants to say to him, ‘What happened to your eye?’ but it takes this little girl to say, ‘What happened to your eye?’ Because she asks him a direct question, it knocks him off-guard and he suddenly goes back to being this playful person. When he says he's a pirate, she gets right under his defense and he starts laughing and breaking down at the same time because he can laugh, cry and love. What he wanted more than anything is to build an imaginary padded cell so that nobody could touch him, and someone touches his heart, and from then on he's just falling.”

It was clear that from that moment on, Meghan stole The Governor’s stone cold heart. But as we know, loving or caring for anyone in this world just makes you vulnerable. The Governor clearly knows this from personal experience, but Meghan has won over his affection nonetheless.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter