The Walking Dead Season 4: Here’s What DIDN’T Happen to Baby Judith
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Here’s What DIDN’T Happen to Baby Judith

Robert Kirkman is kind of a sick puppy. A genius sick puppy, but The Walking Dead comic book writer/TV executive producer can definitely be twisted. (New theory: Maybe he’s the one who left the rats at the prison fence?)

Season 4 is returning on Sunday, February 9, and one of the big questions is what happened to baby Judith. Robert Kirkman weighed in on the issue last weekend at the Amazing Arizona Comicon.

“There was a bloody car seat there,” he said (via “Maybe she’s dead. Maybe she’s not. We’ll have to see. Maybe somebody rescued her, and they had, like, a nosebleed. They were like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m ruining this car seat. I really need to take this with me, but OK, never mind. I hope Rick doesn’t see this. He’s going to think something terrible happened.’ That’s not what happened. We’ll find out February 9th.”

So glib! Where’s Tom Cruise when you need to call him out? But, if he meant it about February 9, it’s good to hear we’ll learn Little Ass-Kicker’s fate quickly instead of having the show drag it out further.

Judith is a character from Robert’s own comic books, and he wasn’t too nice to her there either. And did you catch what he said last month, after the midseason finale?

Entertainment Weekly asked, “Okay, mister — where’s Baby Judith?” He answered, “Well, she’s not in that car seat. I mean, there might be some of her in that car seat, but you know, the majority of her is not there. That’s another big unknown that we’ll have to find out about when we come back. She could be dead. She could be maimed. She could be fine. We’ll just have to find out.”

EW responded, “Maimed? Jeez, Kirkman, bring it down a notch! I thought we had already seen Rick at his lowest point after Lori died, but am beginning to fear we haven’t. What’s his mental state going to be when we pick things back up again in February?”

Robert wrote Episode 9, which will closely follow his own comics, and he answered, “Not good is the short answer. There’s always a new low. Whenever I see someone say, ‘Oh, Rick is at his low!’ I’m like, really? Just wait. He’s definitely in a bad place. He and Carl are gonna be on their own for a bit. There’s some pretty dark stuff on the road ahead. They’re both in pretty bad shape. This will be the low for a while and then we’ll find a new one later on, hopefully.”

Sadist! He’s so mean to his own characters. Still, he’s also the biggest spoiler-phobe, so if you needed confirmation that Judith is alive, you can probably take that from his flippant responses.

But who saved Judith? Tyreese? The kids? Carol?

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns with Episode 9 on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Sources:, Entertainment Weekly

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