The Walking Dead Season 4: Robert Kirkman Warns Viewers Not to Trust Michonne’s Dream Sequence!
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Robert Kirkman Warns Viewers Not to Trust Michonne’s Dream Sequence!

We thought we’d gotten a final look into Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) past once and for all via the heartbreaking dream sequence in the Season 4 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. But comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman is warning us not to trust what we saw entirely — it was a dream after all. If we trusted all of our dreams, then we’d be married to Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and living on a Caribbean island where it never goes below 0 degrees...

Robert explained why we shouldn’t simply take Michonne’s dream sequence at face value in an interview with TV Guide. “You can never completely trust the things you see in a dream sequence," he declared. "It did seem to reveal a lot of flashback-type stuff. But as far as Michonne's story goes, there is much more yet to be revealed. Flashbacks or not, you will be finding out quite a bit about all of these characters, who they are and what makes them tick as we see them put through their paces.”

On the upside, it doesn’t actually sound like Robert is saying what we did learn is wrong. Instead, he seems to be making the point that there’s still plenty about Michonne (and the others) that we don’t know, but that information will be revealed in the coming episodes in a variety of more reliable ways.

And even though the second half of the season began with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) clinging to life and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) hating his dad for the death and destruction he believes is all his old man’s fault, the hour did end on a positive note: Michonne tracked down the Grimes men and knocked on the door of their new abode.

But does this happy reunion mean that more members of the former Team Prison will be brought together again in the future? Not exactly, Robert notes. “It's entirely possible that now that they found each other in a safe place, that's really the name of the game," he teases, reasoning that Carl, Rick, and Michonne would be smart to stay put. "Leaving that house in order to try and find other people that may or may not be dead isn't a practical decision to make in this world. We could see them setting up camp in this house.”

Sure, we could see the trio play house in suburbia, but where’s the fun in that?!

Do you think Rick, Carl, and Michonne will try and find the rest of their prison family, or will they hunker down in their new home? Tell us your opinion below!

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Source: TV Guide