Downton Abbey: Does Edna Braithwaite Come Back?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey: Does Edna Braithwaite Come Back?

If Edna Braithwaite had a terrible hairstyle, she’d pretty much be the new O'Brien of Downton Abbey Season 4.

Although troublemaker Edna (MyAnna Buring) waltzed into our lives at the end of Season 3 (and promptly waltzed back out after she was caught making eyes at Tom Branson), she didn’t stay gone for long. The mischievous maid returned, this time with the qualifications to be a lady’s maid. Well la-di-da, Edna. La-di-da.

Edna wasted no time making trouble from her new position of power. Aligning herself with Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier), she began to weasel her way back into Tom’s (Allen Leech) good graces. Then, during the January 12 episode, Edna, after steadily refilling his cup all night, got Tom right where she wanted him: in bed.

The next morning, Edna begins Stage Two of her plan to corner Tom into marrying her by convincing him she could be pregnant with their love child. The honorable Irishman almost falls for it too, but Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan) intercedes and save us all from seeing Lady Sybil’s hubby get hitched to the likes of Edna (can you tell we don’t like her yet?).

Now cornered herself, Edna flees Downton Abbey during the January 19 episode, but is it for good this time?

We’re happy to report that yes, Edna’s out. Well, at least for Season 4. With Season 5 about to start filming in the United Kingdom, you never know what Julian Fellowes might have in store.

Do you think she’ll resurface for Season 5 or is Edna long gone? Share your Season 5 plot ideas in the comments below.

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