Revenge Season 4: How Will Emily Deal With Her Father’s Return?
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Revenge Season 4: How Will Emily Deal With Her Father’s Return?

What was the first thought you had when David Clarke (James Tupper) popped up on the screen during the Season 3 finale of Revenge — you know, besides “WTF?!” With the Season 4 premiere just months away, it’s time to start thinking about how other characters will deal with David’s shocking return. First up: Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp).

“This year Emily has the opportunity to come out with David Clarke and the question becomes: Is Emily going to do it or not?” executive producer Aaron Harberts teased to “As we get to know more about Emily/Amanda, she also has to start confronting all of these things she’s left undone and how she is going to clean up messes with the people who have taken such good care of her. As we launch into Season 4, Jack becomes the center of that journey.”

So it sounds like Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) is going to become even more important this year — even romantically! But will Jack’s involvement in Emily’s life finally cement them as the couple that is endgame for the series? The Powers That Be say building up to that realization is going to take a lot of work — so don’t expect them to jump into bed together.

"There are the shows where you get those two characters together and it's considered a series ender because people aren't as invested. Other shows set up romantic triangles where they've all been together and you're bobbing back and forth,” Aaron continued. “Honestly, I don't think we know which way is right to go with Revenge. Our gut says to keep building [their relationship] and earning it. How do we deepen and reconnect these characters next season so the audience believes it could happen? I don't think they can possibly start to find the path towards coming together until she embraces who she used to be and that's going to be a huge step."

What do you want to come from Emily and Jack’s relationship? How will he help her with her dad? Hit the comments and sound off!


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