Revenge Season 4: Emily Has a New Love Interest — Love It or Hate It?
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Revenge Season 4: Emily Has a New Love Interest — Love It or Hate It?

As you've probably heard by now, Emily (Emily VanCamp) has a new love interest headed our way in Revenge Season 4. Yep, that means we're probably going to get another love triangle between our vengeful hero, the new guy, and Jack (Nick Wechsler). This time, it's personal!

See, it turns out the new man in Em's life is actually an old friend of Jack's, which definitely spices up the tired love triangle angle. It could actually lead to some interesting new dynamics if the writers play their cards right.

For instance, we're not very interested in seeing Jack pine and angst while Em flirts it up with a new guy. But what if he decides to interfere with this possible budding romance not out of jealousy, but out of concern for his friend? Being close to Emily is basically the same as painting a giant target on your back, and Jack knows that better than anyone. If the writers go this direction, it could cause conflict between Jack and Em that, rather than just being about romance, gets to the heart of their trust issues and Jack's disapproval of some of Emily's actions.

That said, in the end we're not very interested in seeing Emily fall in love with yet another person. She already has so many interesting relationships, romantic and not, with the current characters, so if this new guy ends up taking up a lot of focus, we're probably going to get annoyed.

We want to know how you feel: Are you excited to meet this new character, or are you rolling your eyes about the idea of Em getting another love interest?

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