The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11 Promos, Sneak Peeks: A “Claimed” Analysis
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11 Promos, Sneak Peeks: A “Claimed” Analysis

It looks like tonight's (February 23) The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11, “Claimed” is going to cover two storylines:

1. The homefront of Michonne (Danai Gurira), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs).

2. The roadside “mission” of Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson), and the three new characters: Sgt. Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), and Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos).

And we’re guessing the “Claimed” title refers to the Team Richonne home already being claimed by others. Home is never safe for long!

Here are nine things to take away from the Episode 11 previews (watch the videos below).

1. Is That House the New Grimes Abode?

Chances are, they won’t stay in that home for too long (maybe not even the full episode), since the series would grind to a halt. But it does seem like Rick, Carl and Michonne have a good thing going at this house. In fact, if houses like this still exist — complete with pudding — why the heck did everybody fight over the prison? Anyway, in one sneak peek, Michonne asks Rick for a status update. She wants to know if this is “home” or just a stop along the way. Rick says they should stay there while they figure it out.

2. Michonne and Carl Plan to Search for Supplies

In the same is this home? sneak peek, Michonne tells Rick they need supplies so she'll go out with Carl. Rick says he can come too, but she reminds him that he was unconscious yesterday. Rick counters that he's awake today. (That’s the spirit, Ricktator!) She says they need him strong and tells him to just rest one more day. She's right. They also need him to find a new shirt. If she can find one, why can't he? And why is everyone whispering in this video? Rick nods at Michonne's suggestion, but the promo suggests he doesn't really rest.

3. What's Behind the Door?

In the sneak peek shared during Talking Dead, Michonne (who looks a bit piratey now) is in a house, doing some freaky art curating with the slashed painting of a young girl. She hears something going on behind a door — walker, human or other? — and goes to check it out. The video stops before we see what's on the other side. This looks like it's during the supply run. That’s not the Team Richonne home, is it?

4. Who Is in the House With Rick?

Around the 13-second mark of the promo, we see Rick hiding under a bed as a person with a gun walks in the house. The rest of the promo hints to Rick continuing to hide from the armed person. Who is this person? Is there more than one?

Perhaps this is connected to something a fan shared over the summer, from the print version of SFX, when they were filming these scenes. The article was said to be from the set of Episode 12, but the description sounds like this Ep 11 scene. As a fan summarized, the "scene is Michonne and Carl foraging for food. They appear relaxed and the crew say it is a big bonding between the two. [...] Later that day (the 5th in the episode's eight day schedule) they watch Lincoln perform a scene in which Rick has made himself at home in an abandoned house. Asleep in a bedroom. Sleep is interrupted when strangers arrive. Lincoln hides beneath a bed as an unknown man falls asleep in it. Rick hears several voices and a conversation that convinces him that these strangers aren't to be trusted. He crawls out from under the bed (sweaty, bearded, hair a matted mess) grabs a trophy ready to club someone with it. He makes his way through the other rooms in the house, pausing to hide, peering in doorways. It is a tense variation of cat and mouse. Are these men intruders or is Rick?" Interesting.

5. Rick, Michonne and Carl Walk the Train Tracks

Those train tracks! They are the new prison, tying everyone and everything together. So it looks like Rick does get out of the house, maybe after his adventure with the unknown person/people. He must realize “home” isn’t safe after all.

6. Do They See the "Terminus" Sign?

Around the 12-second mark of the promo, after we see them on the tracks, they turn to look at something. It could be anything, but since we're desperately trying to get these storylines to connect, what if they are seeing the same sanctuary/Terminus sign that Tyreese, Carol and the girls saw on Episode 10? Please, please, please let that be the case so Judith can reunite with her family and Carol and Rick can hash out their business!

7. Abraham Wants to Recruit People

Back to the other storyline! Toward the start of the Episode 11 promo, Sgt. Abraham Ford introduces himself and his "companions," and we see flashes of Eugene and Rosita by a field. Abraham in voice-over: "We need people — the more, the better." On Episode 11, we're meant to learn more about Abraham's mission, which is to get Eugene to Washington, D.C. At the very start of the promo we see a military vehicle drive past walkers, which suggests Abraham and company drive off together.

8. "What Did You See?"

At one point, it looks like Glenn is interrogating Tara, asking her "What did you see?" Maybe he's asking about what happened back at the prison during the battle, hoping for details on Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan). He was on the bus, for at least part of the time, and he was still mostly out of it from the flu. What did Tara see? Will she convince him that all is lost?

9. "She's Gone"

Toward the end of the promo, we see Glenn, Tara and others shooting at something, presumably walkers. Then Abraham tells Glenn, "She's gone. No need for you to die too." He's probably talking about Maggie, trying to convince Glenn not to risk his life to search for her and instead to join their mission. "We need each other, partner," Abraham tells him. What will Glenn do?

Where do you think this episode will end? Will Glenn and Tara end up with Abraham’s group? Will Rick and company follow the train tracks? Will either storyline connect at some point?

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.