Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 11 Burning Questions: Is CeCe Red Coat? Did Wilden Pull a Gun on Ali?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 11 Burning Questions: Is CeCe Red Coat? Did Wilden Pull a Gun on Ali?

We love all of Pretty Little Liars’ constant thrills and surprises, but at the end of every episode, it always seems as though we have more questions than answers — and that was especially true after the most recent episode.

To that end, we’ve tackled the biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to figure out what’s really going on in Rosewood, and to pick up on any and all clues.

Here are 10 questions from Season 4, Episode 11: “Bring Down the Hoe.”

1. Is CeCe actually Red Coat — or is she on the “A” team?

We’re led to believe this week that CeCe is Red Coat, given that there’s a red coat in her room with her, and then she spies on Ezra’s apartment. But is she really Red Coat, or is she just on the “A” team? Since we don’t actually see her in the red coat, we’re thinking CeCe might be a Red Coat red herring. Plus, Wren’s drawing last week suggests Red Coat is a brunette.

2. Why do the two red coats in the episode look so different from each other?

If you look closely at the red coat that’s in CeCe’s room, you’ll see that it’s made of a slick, waterproof material and has a hood. However, the red coat that Spencer and Emily find in the hay truck is made of wool and is without a hood. Hmm. Does this mean there are two Red Coats, or is the “A” team trying to mess with the Liars by planting fake coats?

3. How could CeCe be at Ezra’s apartment if she’s staying out of Rosewood?

We see CeCe is in a spooky room on the phone with someone, so who is it? Perhaps Melissa, whom CeCe talked to on the night of Ali’s death? And CeCe says on the phone that she doesn’t want to return to Rosewood, but then we soon see her at Ezra’s. How’d that happen? We hate to assume everyone on the show has a secret twin, but maybe CeCe is the person who has one.

4. Who was the “heavy-footed” person who was wielding those knitting needles?

The Liars assume that CeCe is living in Ali’s crawlspace. But when they’re hiding down there, they hear someone who is “heavy-footed,” which wouldn’t really describe CeCe. And it appears CeCe is in a room outside of Rosewood when the Liars are down there. So does this mean it was a guy who was in Ali’s house? Wren, we’re looking in your vicinity once again.

5. Did Wilden pull a gun on Ali back in the day?

The Liars seem quick to assume that it’s Wilden and CeCe who were the couple that Ali tried to break up before he pulled a gun on her. But maybe the guy was actually someone else, like Wren. After all, Wren doesn’t appear to be someone who takes rejection very well.

6. Could CeCe have been the original “A” instead of Mona — given the Halloween photos we see on CeCe’s desk?

We know A’s threats to Ali date back to Noel’s Halloween party in Season 2, and we’d assumed Mona was sending those threats, since she got busted as “A” in the Season 2 finale. But this week, we see photos on CeCe’s desk of the Liars in their Season 2 Halloween costumes, which suggests CeCe was the one stalking them way back then. Or else CeCe is just brainstorming costume ideas for next Halloween.

7. Call us crazy, but could Travis be Wilden’s younger brother?

We don’t know much about Wilden’s family, so the fact that Travis showed up randomly with supposed information about Wilden’s death makes us wonder if he has an ulterior motive. We’re used to learning about surprising sibling relationships on this show, and we keep hearing Travis say that he doesn’t want to hurt his family, so we wonder if Travis might actually be related to Wilden.

8. Is Mrs. DiLaurentis working with “A” — and did she teach “A” how to knit?

We never thought knitting could ever be used for evil, until we see “A” knitting dolls of the Liars, along with those knitting needles going through Ali’s floor. Given that Mrs. DiLaurentis was knitting in a recent episode, might Mrs. DiLaurentis have taught Ali to knit, meaning Ali is now alive and making these dolls? Or could Mrs. D be working with the “A” team like Spoby was last season?

9. Do the posters in Ali’s room give more hints that Ali has a twin?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the French poster on Ali’s wall that says, “Petites filles ont tout le plaisir” which means “Girls have all the fun” and shows two identical female faces. So we’re thinking this poster is another hint at Ali having a twin. Plus, also on the wall are two photos of Ali, one on each side of Jason’s face, which suggests another twin hint.

10a. Are Ezra and Aria getting back together, despite Jake’s all-around dreaminess?

Just when we’re starting to fall for Jake and his dance moves, Ezra comes back into the picture with that wounded-kitten look of his that we always swoon over. Indeed, now that Ezra is in his time of need after losing Malcolm, we’re pretty sure Ezria is about to reconcile. And we’re all for it but we wish Ezra hadn’t taken out his anger on poor Emily this week. Leave Em alone!

10b. What’s up with the mug with the giant letter “A” on it in Ezra’s apartment?

We’re not gonna make this its own question, but if you watch carefully in the scene where Ezra tells Aria about Malcolm at the end of the episode, you can see a mug with an “A” on it. It seems foreseeable that the show is dropping a hint about Ezra being on the “A” team, especially since CeCe is outside his door at that very moment. Of course, we hope this isn’t the case!

Bonus question: Does Caleb really have to leave the show? Like, really?

As of right now, Caleb is pretty much the sweetest and most endearing and, uh, perfect guy on the show. That’s why we’re basically freaking out that Caleb’s minutes on the show are numbered, as he prepares to part ways (sob!) for the Ravenswood spinoff. We can’t be the only ones who are desperate to get Caleb to stay, right? We’re thinking it might be petition time!