The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Beth Is Kidnapped? Daryl Is the New Bob in “Alone”
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Beth Is Kidnapped? Daryl Is the New Bob in “Alone”

For an episode called “Alone,” The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13 sure wasn’t hurting for company. It was packed with characters, action and (yay!) plot development. No complaints. Just a crapload of questions:

*Warning: Comic book spoilers throughout*

• Who took Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) — and why? One of The Hunters (cannibals) or perhaps a version of Gabriel Stokes (preacher) from the comics? Is whoever took her the new guy coming named Gareth? Where did they go? Will we see them soon? It’s possible the person who took her was trying to save her, since she hurt her ankle. Maybe she just dropped her stuff because she had to quickly get into the car. Was the funeral home this person’s abode? The car did have a cross on the back… If so, they may be a “good” person. We’ll see.

• What’s going to happen if/when Daryl Dixon’s (Norman Reedus) new group of marauders (including Jeff Kober) connects with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who will recognize them from the “Claimed” house? And that guy under the bed will recognize Rick, too. Will there be a big confrontation? We know “brutality” is coming because it’s mentioned in both of AMC’s synopses for Episodes 15 and 16. Oy.

• Are we all headed to Terminus now, so Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) can reunite with Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) can reunite with Tyreese (Chad Coleman), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) can reunite with baby Judith, and Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) can kill whoever’s left. (Kidding! Unless she does. And you know she wants to.) What about the D.C. mission? Is that benched?

• Is Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.) a good guy? We’ve been skeptical of Bob since he showed up in the prison just before all kinds of crap went down (and he shares the name of a guy who was Team Governor in the books), but so far he’s been nothing but kind, positive and full of hope. He’s like a mini Hershel. Sorry, buddy!

But this was a good episode, no? Packed with all the stuff that’s great about The Walking Dead — except for Carol, Tyreese, the kids, Rick, Michonne, and Carl. But whatever. One storyline at a time. Next week's story is supposed to be pretty "great," too!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Beth Is Kidnapped? Daryl Is the New Bob in “Alone”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Read on for a full recap of Episode 13:


Origin story! Sort of. The start of one, anyway. Bob even gets a cool song as he’s wandering slowly through the forest. He’s alone, eating something pink, in the woods. He looks haunted. There are walkers around him. He looks like he doesn’t care. Being alone does stuff to you. He even walks like a walker. And does he really have a giant cleaver? He’s like Michonne with her katana. He finds his own little shack, and some booze. Beth should’ve hung out with him last week. Poor Bob. Will we ever know how he got to this point? We’re just seeing him after his last group was gone. He lies down on top of a trailer truck, then keeps walking the road.

He hears Daryl's chopper coming down the road to the rescue. So this is right as Daryl finds him, about a week before the start of Season 4. Can you imagine Daryl literally riding in to rescue you? It’s Daryl and Glenn who come by him. Bob doesn’t know how long he’s been alone. Bob tells Daryl neither one of his previously groups made it. Bob answers the three questions. How many people have you killed? “Only one.” Why? “She asked me to.” Now that’s interesting. Who? Daryl wants to know if Bob has questions for them. He says no. It doesn’t matter who you are. Now Bob has a family. Interesting. As usual, every little answer comes with more questions.


Back to the “present,” so to speak. It’s Maggie, Bob and Sasha in an otherworldly fog. Don’t ask why there’s all this thick fog, just go with it. They fight walkers back-to-back in the mist. Bob even gets bit. Maggie is also attacked, but Sasha uses a bullet to save her. Sasha is broken up by Bob being bit. “It’s OK. He got me right on the bandage.” How convenient! It’s a good thing, but convenient. Sasha and Bob bond. New romance?


It’s like Luke and Yoda, but Yoda is much hotter this time. Beth has Daryl’s crossbow. She’s getting good at tracking. “Pretty soon I won’t need you at all.” But she’ll still want you, Mr. Dixon. She steps in a trap and hurts her ankle when trying to take down a walker. Daryl saves her. Daryl saves everyone.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Beth Is Kidnapped? Daryl Is the New Bob in “Alone”
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They have six bullets left. The compass is broken. Bob is an optimist. He says they’ll be fine. Bob is just a ray of sunshine.


Beth is having trouble walking on her ankle. He gives her a piggy-back ride. OK, this is too precious. Stop it. They walk through a graveyard. Beth wonders if there might be people in the house over there. If there are, Daryl says he'll take care of them. “There’s still good people, Daryl.” “I don’t think the good ones survive.” Sad. And not true. Good and bad have survived so far. They stop at a gravestone to pay their respects to a “beloved father.” Hershel, we miss you! Bethyl holds hands as they look at the gravestone. Don’t read too much into that, though. Beth is just handsy like that. And she’s a hugger. It doesn’t mean they are a thing. Does it?


Oh heck yeah! Just like that, Maggie, Bob and Sasha walk out of the woods to train tracks and see the Terminus map. Bob instantly remembers the radio message from earlier in the season. Maggie wants to go. Sasha said they thought they were looking for Glenn. She thinks it’s too far. Why are they making Sasha such a Debbie Downer? She’s right that it might be too good to be true, but Bob is also right that it’s the best lead they have. Maggie believes Glenn would see the sign and follow it, thinking Maggie might be there. Good plan. But they should do the whole “hope for the best, plan for the worst” thing.


This is apparently a funeral home, but it’s gorgeous. Honestly, if there are available homes like this out there, why fight for a prison? Beth says the place is clean, Daryl says someone has been tending to it and they may still be around. So it’s “claimed,” like the Rick/Michonne/Carl house? Beth appreciates how someone cared for the dead. She thinks it’s beautiful. It is. Daryl didn’t really see it that way. Remember when he called the people “douchebags” for opting out, and Bob said they just wanted to go out as they choose? That was during the veterinary college run.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Beth Is Kidnapped? Daryl Is the New Bob in “Alone”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    


Sasha wants to stop. What happened that morning — they get warnings. The next time it’s on them. “Odds are Glenn is dead. Odds are we will be too. That’s the reality.” Total ray of sunshine, this one. The tracks run through towns, she says. The first one they see, they should find a space, some higher ground, and hole up there. She wants to talk Maggie into doing that.


There’s definitely someone living here. Food in the cabinets, no dust. This is someone’s stash. Peanut butter and jelly, diet soda and pigs feet. “That’s a white trash brunch right there.” Nice. He wants to leave some for whoever is staying there. Beth said she knew it. There are still good people. Aww. Like Daryl. Cute. They set up a warning system outside the house.


You knew it was only a matter of time. She even lights candles, sitting at the music stand, playing piano. Romantic moment — at a funeral home? Hey, if people can find love at the prison... Daryl gets in the casket. Vampire Dixon. He wants to hear more of Beth’s singing. She thought her singing annoyed him. He said there ain’t no jukebox, so … she serenades him as he lays in the coffin. It’s a Twilight love story.


She wrote it on the ground: “Don’t risk your lives for me good luck.” Bob wants to follow Maggie and catch up to her. Sasha, of course, is reluctant. We see Maggie walking the tracks alone. Dangerous stuff, girl. But … proud of you, Greene. She sees another sign for Terminus. Who is leaving these maps? She sees a walker coming toward her and takes it down.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Beth Is Kidnapped? Daryl Is the New Bob in “Alone”
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Bob has been grinning since they left the prison. Does he even know why he’s smiling? “I’m not alone.” That’s how it happened when he lost his first and second group. He broke his streak. If you’re Sasha, wouldn’t that scare you? Bob said Sasha is as bull-headed as she is sometimes. She being Maggie?


People are forever leaving notes. Maggie left a note reading “Glenn, Go to Terminus, Maggie.” Go Maggie!


This has to be the best day for Bethy/Deth shippers. He carries her into the kitchen so they can have food. Something scratches at the door. It’s a dog! Daryl pets the dog, but the dog runs away. They want to adopt the cute doggie.


Bob didn’t sleep much when he was alone. Sasha said he doesn’t sleep much now either. They hear a walker in the dark. Sasha wants to know what the hell they’re doing out there. Bob wants to know why she thinks Tyreese is dead. (Good question.) If Tyreese were alive, he’d go for Terminus, Bob said. Sasha knows that, so is she just afraid to find out if he’s dead or not? Bob said, until this point, he thought Sasha was the toughest person he’d ever met. He thought she was the sweetest, too. He’s a charmer!


This is a huge episode for Greene family notes. She wants to leave a thank-you note for whoever is living there. Why did they use up so many of this person’s candles? Daryl wants to pull a Rick and see if they can co-exist with whoever lives there. Beth teases that Daryl does think there are good people in the world after all. What changed his mind? “You know,” he says. He gives her a look. He shrugs. Beth pushes. He just looks at her. A long, lingering look. Oh. Caryl shippers, we feel your pain.


Dary thinks it’s the dog and opens the door. It’s walkers. He calls for Beth. Tells her to get her sh-t and go up the road. He’ll meet her there. She doesn’t want to leave him. No one is allowed to be happy for more than a minute on this show. How did they not hear this many walkers moving outside the funeral home? Daryl really has to fight them, then he runs through the graveyard.


Her stuff is on the ground, a car drives away with a white cross on the back. A hearse? The person who lived there? Father Gabriel, or some version?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Beth Is Kidnapped? Daryl Is the New Bob in “Alone”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    


From Maggie. If they pick up the pace, they can catch her, Bob says.


He wants to save Beth, or at least figure out what happened. He’s out of breath. He keeps running. Eventually he has to walk. Poor Daryl. And poor Carol. Does she know Pookie is now hitting on Beth? Remember how disgusted she was when Axel was trying to hit on teen Beth? Beth was 16 when we first met her, and it's only a year-and-a-half into the zombie apocalypse. Poor Daryl sits down in the middle of the road. He’s the new Bob, at a crossroads. What to do?


She sees a spot, it’s secure and high up. Bob doesn’t want to stop. Sasha said they are stopping. He’s not. Bob doesn’t want to leave Maggie alone. Sasha said Maggie didn’t want them to come. She made the choice for herself. Bob said when he got to the prison he thought “How long?” He was afraid. He doesn’t want Sasha to be afraid. Sasha said she isn’t afraid. Where did she get that sweater? And all their supplies?


This is a big romance week. Maggie fighting to find Glenn. Beth and Daryl sharing a look. And now Bob kissing Sasha. She’s not the most romantic person, though. She just says he doesn’t have to do it. He doesn’t have to be alone again. He said he won’t be. But he’s leaving Sasha alone. How is that OK?


She can be the new Morgan, and leave her own notes on the wall. She actually finds a gorgeous loft space. Another great apartment. The zombie apocalypse is great for real estate. There’s nothing up there, though. Does she really want to just exist there? She finds herself getting emotional, and cries, then pulls herself together. Oh, but this shelter has loose windows. She sees Maggie outside, but the fallen window wakes a ton of walkers. Nice going, Sasha.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Beth Is Kidnapped? Daryl Is the New Bob in “Alone”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    


Maggie was looking for another walker (to leave another note) and found more than she wanted. And she was thinking about what Sasha said back at the camp. She said they should be in a town. She also said Glenn is probably dead and they should stop. “But you’re wrong.” Go Maggie! So why is Maggie there in the town? “‘Cause I was waiting for you. I’m not giving up. But I need your help because I can’t do it by myself.” Maggie and Glenn are in the same situation, making other people stop their own journeys to help them. Sasha is finally willing to admit that she’s afraid. But Maggie believes they can get there. Sasha is ready to go. “Let’s go get Bob. And let’s get there.” Yes! Let’s hope Terminus is a good place to go. We don’t want to hear an “I told you so” from Sasha.


The tennis ball-bouncing “bad guy” from Episode 11 “Claimed” is here, with his band of marauders, including Tony, the guy who saw Rick under the bed. He didn’t die, he’s here. That could be an issue if this group runs into Rick. Joe appreciates that Daryl is a bow man. “I’ve been looking for a weapon like that.” There are six guys in the group; seven with Daryl. Joe says why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people. He seems like a bad egg, Daryl.


Yay! He’s not alone. Bob is good people. And Sasha has the cutest backpack.


Yes! How did he make it back? They were three hours away, last we saw Glenn, Abraham and company.


Yes! Carol, Tyreese and company are here. But wow, this one looks scary. Mika looks like she trips over something and a walker is about to grab her. She screams for Carol to help her. Carol cries at one point; she also seems to back away from something, but what?

Here are some (not many yet!) details on what’s coming next on Episode 14, “The Grove.”