Which Season 4 Episode of The Vampire Diaries Was Named One of the Best Episodes of 2013?
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The Vampire Diaries

Which Season 4 Episode of The Vampire Diaries Was Named One of the Best Episodes of 2013?

We will be the first to admit that Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries was a bit of a roller coaster, giving us the end of the Mikaelsons, the race for The Cure, and Jeremy Gilbert’s Hunter struggles. But just like any show, we were presented with some stellar episodes and some lackluster ones as well. According to BuddyTV, one of Season 4’s installments was amazing enough to land at No. 7 in their countdown of “The 50 Best TV Episodes of 2013.”

The great honor of landing in the countdown belongs to Season 4, Episode 15 — “Stand By Me.” According to John Kubicek, who composed the countdown, “Buffy’s “The Body” is, for me, the single best episode of TV ever created, and now comes this hour with Elena slowly going mad over the death of her brother Jeremy, refusing to accept it until it becomes too real for her to deal with.” Yep, that sounds like an action-packed episode worthy of landing a top spot.

And if the writer was impressed with Nina Dobrev’s acting last season, we’re sure her performance this season is going to draw some sort of positive reaction from critics. Not only is she playing both Elena and Katherine, but she’s added in a third Petrova doppelganger this year: Amara. Phew, we get tired even thinking about playing three totally different characters on a hit show. We don’t know how you do it, girl.

What was your favorite episode of Season 4? How about from 2013 in general? Hit the comments and let us know!

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