Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 15: 10 Burning Questions — Does “EF” Refer to Ezra Fitz?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 15: 10 Burning Questions — Does “EF” Refer to Ezra Fitz?

We love all of Pretty Little Liars’ constant thrills and surprises, but at the end of every episode, it always seems as though we have more questions than answers — and that was especially true this week.

To that end, we’ve tackled the biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to figure out what’s really going on in Rosewood, and to pick up on any and all clues.

Here are 10 questions from Season 4, Episode 15: “Love ShAck, Baby!”:

When we first saw the rock Emily was sitting on in the woods while waiting (fruitlessly) for Ali, we assumed the “EF + AD” stood for Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis. But there is of course another character with the initials E.F.: Ezra Fitz! Is this a sign that Ali and Ezra indeed had a thing? Or maybe Ali just had a crush on angsty Terminator 2 dreamboat Edward Furlong?

Spencer’s dad clearly has a huge secret, as he doesn’t want Spencer talking to Ali’s mom and is even willing to let Spencer move in with Toby to avoid the drama. But what is Mr. H up to? Well, it’s certainly seeming as though he’s not only Jason’s dad but perhaps also the father of Ali and her twin (as he is in the books). Spencer and Ali’s relationship just got more complicated.

It’s creepy to think that, even after Aria and Spencer were freed from the cabin room that they got locked into, the person who locked them in there was probably still hiding below in the secret basement. So who was it? Ezra would be a safe bet or maybe it’s the actual owner of the cabin?

Ezra perfectly timed his search of Hanna’s room, as he somehow snuck a peek at her laptop before Ms. Marin got off the phone. But we’re wondering what he was looking for and if he was indeed searching for the diary. Might Ezra be concerned that Ali wrote about having a relationship with him, and is their relationship described in the “Hot for Teacher” chapter?

Hanna reads aloud a portion of Ali’s diary, in which Ali writes about someone who wants to be more like Ali and is taking her friends. This sounds a lot like Ali’s identity is being usurped by her twin. Will we in fact soon learn about Ali having a twin?

If we were Ezra, we wouldn’t bring incriminating audio recordings to work to listen to, as he does with that tape of Ali saying she doesn’t want to be Ali anymore. So who helped her to stop being Ali? And is this a sign that Ali has a twin who stole her identity?

CeCe remains ever-elusive, with someone spotting her getting a train before she vanished. Where was CeCe going and did someone actually pay her to kill Wilden? To be honest, we assume there would be plenty of people in Rosewood who would be more than happy to kill Wilden free of charge.

Suddenly, Mr. Hastings is all about letting Radley stay open, as he tells Spencer that another patient was on the roof when Toby’s mom slipped and fell. Is this patient also the blonde girl who Dr. Palmer saw with Toby’s mom and does this mean it’s Ali, Ali’s twin, or CeCe? And is this also who the “Fragile Patient” is in Ali’s diary?

We like Travis, and he’s definitely nice to look at, so we want to root for Hanna and him to get together. But he's a bit hard to trust, especially since he's so mysterious and just happened to show up at the cabin just as Aria and Spencer were freed from the locked room. Plus, did we see a cut on his hand toward the end of the episode?

The show makes a point of showing us an apple that’s sitting on A’s desk at the end of the episode, as “A” sticks Emily’s car with the commute from hell. Both Ezra who’s a teacher and Dr. Wren you know what they say about an apple a day? would seem to have an apple nearby. So were one of these guys responsible for Em’s car trouble?

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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