The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Terminus! Gleggie Reunion! Rick Needs Saving After “Us”
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Terminus! Gleggie Reunion! Rick Needs Saving After “Us”

Welcome to “the end of the line,” gents!

On The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 15, “Us,” Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) finally reunited (yay — now they can stop risking other people’s lives!) and their groups reached the mythical place called Terminus.

Two groups down. Everyone else to go. One episode left. And it’s going to be a doozy.

But, um, what’s in the food? Can we see a list of ingredients before trying that BBQ? We’re still not sure about Terminus, but there are bigger fish (or humans) to fry before worrying too much about whether these people are The Hunters: First, there are The Marauders, led by Joe (Jeff Kober) and including Tony (Davi Jay), who will recognize Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from Episode 11, “Claimed.” They are tracking Rick’s small group to Terminus. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) doesn’t know they’re ready to kill Rick, but he’ll find out soon. What will he do?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Terminus! Gleggie Reunion! Rick Needs Saving After “Us”
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*Comic book spoilers referenced ahead*

What happens if Joe’s group ambushes Rick, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) in a twist in the comic book storyline, when bandits ambushed Rick, Carl and Abraham on the road? Daryl will want to protect Rick, Carl and Michonne, but that’s still four against, what, five or six tough guys?

Those guys are ready to kill over dissent, as they showed in how they dealt with Len, and they also said back in Ep 11 that they wanted dibs on the woman shacking up in that house. That woman is Michonne, so will they try to attack her? In this marauder section of the comics, one of the bandits tried to rape Carl; what if they do that to Michonne? Carl and Michonne have bonded, but what if they are both put in danger?

Back to the idea of The Hunters, though. If they are coming at all, are they connected to Beth? Will that major cliffhanger of the season involve seeing … um … a piece of Beth, or someone else? Will the weak or injured be targeted — like Tara (Alanna Masterson), who hurt her knee? What about this Gareth guy? What is his role and will we see him at all?

Many paths are meant to collide next week, and this penultimate ep felt like the setting of the chess board. Nobody of merit died — (shut up and look at the flowers, Len) — so Ep 15 wasn’t nearly as dark as we expected, perhaps because it followed the brutal Ep 14 and it’s to be followed by the “savage” Ep 16. We know Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Tyreese(Chad Coleman) and baby Judith are on their way to Terminus, and hopefully whatever “brutality” Rick faces won’t keep him from reuniting with his daughter. Something good has to happen amid the savagery!

Read on for a full recap of Episode 15:

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Terminus! Gleggie Reunion! Rick Needs Saving After “Us”
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As the ep starts, he’s talking to Tara (or at Tara) about what killed the dinosaurs as they walk the train tracks to Terminus. Lucky Tara. He even wants to know what kind of gamer she was. Why would anyone think this guy had answers to anything?


Abraham said he doesn’t trust Tara with Eugene’s life. His group will stay with her and Glenn until they find a vehicle, then five becomes three. He tells Tara to sleep. He thought she was staying with Glenn because she’s in love with him. But he saw her look down Rosita’s shirt when she was serving dinner and apparently he thinks that’s enough to make Tara gay and not in love with Glenn. She is gay, we know she loved Alisha, but … if someone puts their stuff in your eyeline, you don’t have much choice but to look. Tara and Abraham both have their reasons and they both have their missions. He doesn’t know about her prison guilt. She wants to know what he does when the mission is over. No answer.


Tara gets free from Eugene’s babbling and he and Genn see a sign — one of Maggie’s signs to Glenn to go to Terminus. Yes! He runs down the track. It’s a good run, not a scary someone died run like we thought when we saw his face in the promo. Go, Glenn, go!


A walker walks right into their wire and scrapes his own face. Pretty cool. Tony calls Daryl that “Robin Hood” cat. They see that he’s not there, so they think he split. But he left his stuff there. He doesn't want to be alone, it seems.


Rick! There you are! We haven’t seen them since “Claimed.” Michonne and Carl bet who can stay on the tracks longer. Carl wins. (Ugh.) Michonne has to pay him a candy bar. It’s cute. Their little family unit is so cool. Carl even shares his candy bar with Michonne. Do they even notice that Rick is there? It’s like he’s the third wheel. Nobody puts The Ricktator in the corner!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Terminus! Gleggie Reunion! Rick Needs Saving After “Us”
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Daryl hit a rabbit with his crossbow, while hunting in the woods, but Len came out and argued that the rabbit Daryl was holding was “claimed.” Len goes on about a “bitch” that has Daryl all messed up. “Just lost yourself a piece a tail. Must’ve been a good’un. Tell me something. Was it one of the little’uns. ‘Cause they don’t last too long out here.” Daryl breaks out his knife. Joe shows up just in time to stop him. Dang it! You need to shut that fool down, Dixon. He can’t talk about Beth that way. Joe talks to Daryl about the “rules of the road” to keep the merry band together and stress free. You can’t go it alone but you can’t just have survival of the fittest either. If you want something — a rabbit, a bed — you have to “claim” it. (Didn’t work for Tony when he was in the bed, then got strangled out of it.) Daryl says there ain’t no rules no more. Joe says there are rules, that’s why he didn’t kill him for the crossbow. Joe splits the rabbit in half. He’s like their dad.


Glenn wants to run and keep going. Abraham wants to rest. Glenn said it’s, like, noon. Abraham: “I don’t give a monkey’s left nut!” Abe is just here for the quotes and the hair. Tara gets hurt during a walker altercation. Glenn wants her to just keep going, limp and all. Rosita actually says something: “Wow, you’re an ass. She will do whatever you say because she thinks she owes you. Man up, stay here for a few hours.” Both women are only doing what they’re doing because of the men around them. It’s a shame, but… Glenn is just desperate to find Maggie, he doesn’t care about Tara’s knee. Will Tara’s knee make her a target. She’s weak? Kinda like Beth…


Joe says Daryl needs a group out there. Daryl says maybe he doesn’t. Joe says “you should be with us.” There’s the episode title! They don’t have to be friendly, nice or brothers in arms. They just have to follow the rules. If you break the rules, you catch a beating, but that doesn’t happen much. Daryl says “There ain’t no ‘us.’” Joe wants to know if he’s leaving right then. Daryl says nothing. So it sure seems like there’s an “us,” Joe says. He leads them into a warehouse. Joe is a cat person. Yay! He’s loved them since he was 3. They’re vicious creatures. “Ain’t nothing sadder than an outdoor cat thinks he’s an indoor cat.” This guy should be walking the tracks with Eugene. They could entertain each other.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Terminus! Gleggie Reunion! Rick Needs Saving After “Us”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    


Glenn sees another sign, and this one is wet. They hear some stuff in a tunnel. It sounds ominous. If Maggie went through the tunnel, Glenn is going through. Abraham tells him to listen to sound of the long, dark tunnel filled with reanimated corpses. Abraham wants to take the day to detour and play it safe. Since Glenn won’t do that, this is where they have to part ways. Tara won’t leave him, though. Tara takes the food Abraham offers. Abe also gives Glenn a flashlight. Eugene doesn’t look happy about breaking up the party. Glenn apologizes for hitting Abraham in the face, but Abe likes to fight. Rosita tells Glenn to try not to be an ass. Listen, girl, you weren’t there for all that he’s been through, and Tara's part in it. Eugene tells Tara she’s seriously hot. Ha! “Yeah, I like girls.” He’s aware of that. Even if she didn't like girls, she might not be into him. Except for his mullet. That mullet is magic.

Point to ponder, though: Was this the right time to introduce Abraham, Rosita and Eugene? They don’t seem to have a place here yet. Maybe they should’ve waited for Season 5 when presumably everyone won’t be split up and there won’t be so much going on.

Anyway, before going into the tunnel, Glenn says he knows what Tara is going through. After this all started, when he realized he’d never see his family or friends again, he was numb all day long. So he gets it. We never hear about Glenn’s time before. Tara saw her girlfriend killed and Lilly swarmed but it still wasn’t as bad as what “Brian” did to Maggie’s father. That second is when she knew - she wanted to scream “no.” She admits she was the first to jump in, even after Brian said they might have to kill some people. That’s why Glenn is kind of an “ass” to her, Rosita. She earned a bit of punishment. But she's made up for it now.


Joe says they’re getting closer, he can feel it. People keep claiming stuff inside the warehouse. The word “Claimed” is getting overused - guys, it was the Ep 11 title, not this one. Although if no one has claimed him yet, we’ll just go ahead and claim Daryl Dixon. And Rick Grimes.


There are walkers in the stone, the people must’ve died right there when the tunnel collapsed. Are they worried that Maggie might’ve died in there? He looks at their faces to see if he can recognize her. Those poor people. Although, Lizzie would like it in there. Poor Lizzie never even got to be a walker and that was the one thing she wanted. There are some free walkers too, but they seem to be below them. Still, this was a reckless idea, Glenn. Kind of like how Maggie used walker guts to leave notes. They are both going to extreme measures to find each other.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Terminus! Gleggie Reunion! Rick Needs Saving After “Us”
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Abraham finds a van and it starts up. How convenient. The windshield reads “Let Momma Be.” OK then… Eugene and Rosita fight over who is the navigator. Eugene is a bit annoying, but he gets to be the navigator. They’re going north.


Glenn is fighting through the walkers and Tara is right there with him. She gets stuck at one point. That would be a lousy place to die.


He’s the navigator and this was his plan. He timed the car trip to when Tara and Glenn would exit the tunnel. After he saves the world, he still has to live with himself. Abraham wakes up and he yells at Rosita for not following the rules. OK, Abe would like Joe too. Rosita should ditch this group.


Daryl didn’t take the rabbit. Joe opens Daryl’s bag and the rabbit falls out. Len put it there. Len calls Daryl a liar. Joe asks if Len planted it. Len says no. Joe punches him, then tells the gents to teach Len a lesson. He saw Len plant the rabbit. He likes that Daryl told the truth. Run, Daryl!


Poor Tara. He can’t leave her. She screams for him to go. He won’t do it. He plans to go down with her. Well, he did get her into this. And he fought his way back into the prison, so it's not like he's not up for a challenge.


The walkers are gunned down. Lizzie would hate it. A bright light shines in the tunnel and it’s MAGGIE! She and Glenn hug. They haven’t seen each other since Episode 8 when she told him to stay on the bus. She laughs and cries. Yay, Gleggie!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Terminus! Gleggie Reunion! Rick Needs Saving After “Us”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    


Glenn tells Maggie she is so beautiful. Aww. Glenn introduces Tara to Maggie. Glenn says he met Tara on the road and couldn’t have made it there without her. Good, glad he acknowledged her but didn't quite tell the whole story. Maggie hugs her. Tara looks guilty. Sasha hears from Eugene that he knows what caused the outbreak. Tara wants to go with them from D.C. but Eugene decides they should just go to Terminus, since they’re a day away. Sasha wants to see Terminus to see if Tyreese is there. They could get supplies there, then head to D.C. Abraham says tomorrow they head to the end of the line, then Washington. Glenn and Maggie talk about what they were doing when they were apart. Hopefully they can stay together for a while instead of being split again. Maggie sees the photo Glenn took of her. She tries to …. set it on fire? She says he doesn’t need a picture of her. He never will again. Well, you don’t know that. They burn it?! That’s insane. What is it with the Greene girls and setting stuff on fire? Pyro chicks.


Len’s dead, baby. Len’s dead. Arrow to his head. That’s how they deal with deceivers. Joe walks off with Daryl. They see a sign on the tracks for Terminus. They know they’re getting closer. Joe says it’s a lie. “Ain’t no sanctuary for all.” He doesn’t think they’ll welcome him with open arms. Daryl wants to know where they’re headed. Joe said they were in a house, minding their own business, and some walking piece of fecal matter (Rick) killed their friend Lou and Lou turned. Tony saw his face. Daryl gets in on the “claiming.” He sees a candy wrapper, too. Carl’s candy. Still a litter bug.


It’s like a big warehouse with a Terminus sign. There’s a fence but they can walk on through. In a way, it’s kind of like the Sanctuary of Negan’s The Saviors. The Sanctuary is their base and it’s a factory surrounded by a chain-link fence. Why isn’t the place more populated, for a spot that’s so well advertised (radio message, signs all over the tracks)? Is it because the people get claimed, for food? They see vegetables. A woman named Mary introduces herself and welcomes them. “Let’s get you settled and give you a plate. Welcome to Terminus.”


Looks freaky as hell. The promo shows Carl running. A room with candles. Someone is swarmed. Rick all bloodied up again. A haunting voice talking about Terminus. This is not a good place.

Want more details on the season finale? There's so much to worry about, especially with a major cliffhanger coming...