Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 16 Sneak Peek Roundup — “Close Encounters” (VIDEOS)
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 16 Sneak Peek Roundup — “Close Encounters” (VIDEOS)

The Liars are in a race against time to find Ali before “A” does on Pretty Little Liars, but will they be successful? The sneak peeks from Season 4, Episode 16 (“Close Encounters”) have us worried.

In “Close Encounters,” Shana returns to Ravenswood to tell Emily that she has a message from Ali, but can Emily and the girls trust Shana? When Shana drops the biggest bomb of all — Ali wants to meet with Emily and only Emily — the Liars begin to wonder what kind of gAme Ali is playing. Meanwhile, Hanna gets closer to gas station boy Travis. Is she ready to move on from Caleb already?

Let’s examine the sneak peeks from the episode and see what we can decipher. Warning: spoilers ahead!

We begin with a clip of the Liars at the Honey Bee Inn. At the end of Episode 15 (“Love ShAck, Baby!”), Emily and Aria received a thank you text from “A.” It seems the girls lead “A” right to the Honey Bee Inn by marking the diary. This clip seems to take place right after the harrowing discovery, as the Liars rush into a room at the Honey Bee Inn — wielding weapons, of course — only to find that whoever was there has vanished. But that’s not all: there appears to have been a sign of a struggle, and it seems “A” left a message for the girls. “You’re too late.” Does “A” have Ali, or is “A” just bluffing? Watch the clip and decide for yourself.

And then there’s Hanna, who seems to be handling her breakup pretty well thanks to some one-on-one game time with Travis. The last time we saw Hanna and Travis together, she was crying about Caleb. In the clip, which takes place the next day, Travis tells Hanna that she doesn’t have to put up a front with him, but she reassures him that she “just had to get it all out of [her] system.” And, now she’s focused on hitting her stripes. But when Hanna gets frustrated with her lackluster billiard skills, Travis leans in to get her a little lesson. Commence close contact! Are these two headed for a hookup? Watch the clip and tell us what you think!

Are the Liars too late, or is Ali playing gAmes with them? Do you think Hanna and Travis are headed for a hot hookup? Sound off in the comments!

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