Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 17 Recap — Everyone Confronts Lisa!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 17 Recap — Everyone Confronts Lisa!

Things are getting wild in Puerto Rico! When Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville confront Lisa Vanderpump in this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 17 recap, the ladies’ drama explodes. So stop sitting in your own suitcase, find out if which foreign languages your boyfriend can speak, and listen to the frogs get it on.

A Little Reading Material for the Trip?

The episode begins with Joyce Giraud informing the ladies at the airport that she still wants them to have a great time in Puerto Rico, even though her father just died. Unfortunately, we don’t think the trip is going to be too much fun for anyone.

Yolanda tells Brandi that she’s planning to tell Lisa that she’s not thrilled with how Lisa has been acting. Sure, enough, when the ladies hit the beach, Yolanda suddenly pulls Lisa aside to tell ask her why she hasn’t made a more public show of patching things up with Kyle after accusing Kyle of only befriending people so that Mauricio can sell their home. Uh, why does this concern Yolanda?

Brandi decides to join the party by asking Lisa why she doesn’t call Brandi very often and instead calls Kyle a lot. Lisa is baffled by the line of questioning, and so she walks away. She tells Ken that the ladies are mean, and we see Lisa crying. This is very tough to watch.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 17 Recap — Everyone Confronts Lisa!
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Kyle wants to know about the drama, and so Brandi decides to tell her that, on the way to the Palm Springs trip, Lisa told Brandi to bring along tabloids featuring the rumors about Mauricio’s alleged infidelity. Brandi says that Lisa actually put them in their suitcases, but then Brandi had to remove them. Kyle is shocked and says that she’s been an idiot.

Lisa Is HOW Old?

Yolanda and Kyle then walk over to Kyle, and Yolanda reprimands Ken, at which point she inadvertently overestimates Lisa’s age as 55 instead of 52. Ouch. Kyle tells Lisa about Brandi’s claim, and Lisa says she hadn’t seen the mags until after the Palm Springs trip. Kyle wishes that Lisa had just admitted she was joking around with the mags.

Kim tells Mauricio about the rumor, and Mauricio is upset. He says that he doesn’t know who to believe, and Lisa says Brandi just wants to cause drama. Ken and Lisa agree that it’s time to talk to Brandi. Meanwhile, Mauricio walks away.

The ladies board the bus for dinner, and when Lisa asks Brandi what’s going on, Brandi says to ask Scheana. Lisa is confused, and she and Ken both deny that they’re friends with Scheana. Brandi says Lisa is capitalizing on her heartbreak and that she should take a lie detector test. Brandi also claims that Lisa hung out with Scheana at Dancing With the Stars, which Lisa denies.

Dinner Table Drama

At dinner, the tension gets worse. Kyle asks Lisa and Brandi to tell her what in fact happened before the Palm Springs trip. Ken says this is a sabotage attack and is stupid, and Yolanda takes offense to that. Then, Kim and Ken go at it, with Kim calling Ken a “stubborn old man.” Oh, dear. Kim says Lisa lied about why they missed Kimberly’s graduation party, so Ken fires back by asking why Kim wasn’t at Pandora’s wedding.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 17 Recap — Everyone Confronts Lisa!
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Ken and Lisa leave the table, and as they do, Ken tells Mauricio that he should know the truth, but Mauricio says he doesn’t know what to think. Ken is furious, feeling that they’ve been set up, and so they leave. Don’t you just love a nice, relaxing vacation?

As they get into the bus, Ken questions whether Kim was drinking, but Lisa assures him that she wasn’t. And Lisa is shocked that even Brandi was involved in attacking Lisa, as Lisa says that the “underdog” has turned around and bitten her. Meanwhile, back at the dinner table, Joyce and Michael tell Kyle that she was right to question Lisa at the table.

Our Overall Thoughts

Yowza! This was probably the craziest Season 4 episode yet. So who was to blame? Well, to be honest, we’re not really sure what point Yolanda was trying to make in her initial discussion with Lisa. Yolanda probably should have stayed out of things at that point.

Then, when Brandi gets involved, she sounds kinda jealous of Kyle and Lisa’s friendship, which seems unnecessary. And why did Brandi wait so long to talk to Lisa and Kyle about the magazines? It might have been easier to discuss this when it was still fresh in everyone’s minds. Plus, why did Brandi even have the mags in the first place?

At dinner, we think Kyle indeed had a right to want both Lisa and Brandi to tell her what had happened. Ken definitely should have stayed calmer instead of continually claiming that they were sabotaging Lisa, although we do appreciate that Ken wants to defend Lisa. And Kim went too far by calling Ken an old man. Still, just about everyone is to blame for at least some role in the chaos.

Now, we look forward to the fallout next week. If only the ladies could be as chill as those frogs.