Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 17 Sneak Peek: Mona and Aria Face Off (VIDEO)
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 17 Sneak Peek: Mona and Aria Face Off (VIDEO)

The claws are coming out in the latest Pretty Little Liars sneak peek for Season 4, Episode 17 (“Bite Your Tongue”). In the deliciously tense 50-second sneak peek, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Mona (Janel Parrish) are facing off in the school courtyard. Who will get the last word?

Turns out there’s a new guidance counselor in town (it’s about time Rosewood High upped its mental health game), and he’s Mona’s new best friend. Of course. In this heated exchange with Aria, Mona doesn’t hold back in letting Aria know just how much she and the other Liars hurt her when they phased her out.

“OK, Jesse warned me that this would happen,” Mona tells Aria, further explaining who Jesse is as: “The new guidance counselor that’s the best thing that’s happened to this friggin’ school since we got a coffee cart. He sees through the bull and he has a gift of bringing people together who need each other.” God, we’ve missed Mona and her snark.

Aria, on the other hand, has not. She doesn’t appreciate being played, and she thinks that is exactly what Mona is doing, using the new guidance counselor as her latest tool: “Oh, so you’re going to tell me that Jesse made this little love connection?” Aria snipes. “Mona, when it comes to me and my friends, you always have an agenda.”

“No, you and your friends are the ones with the agenda, Aria,” Mona counters. “After I helped Hanna’s mom get out of jail, I was burned off like a wart.” Aria insists that’s not what happened, but Mona isn’t easily swayed: “Then tell me: what happened? Why was I iced out after the charges were dropped? Why did the inner circle squeeze me out again?”

We viewers experience a moment of dramatic irony at this point because at least part of the reason the Liars revoked Mona’s Team Liar status has to do with their discovery that Ali is alive, right? They can’t invite her to anymore meetings without spilling their not-dead BFF’s giant secret. Aria conveys all of this by breaking eye contact with Mona, and looking away, which only seems to piss Mona off more: “Right,” she tells Aria. “Well, I’m tired of being yo-yoed. And I am hanging out with a different crowd now. So, suck it up, Aria.”

Best. Finisher. Ever.

Do you feel kind of bad for Mona in this scene or is it just us? And what do you make of this new guidance counselor? Sound off in the comments below!

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