Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 19: Go Behind the Scenes of “Shadow Play” (VIDEO)
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 19: Go Behind the Scenes of “Shadow Play” (VIDEO)

The mind of Pretty Little Liars brainiac Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) is a beautiful thing, and Season 4, Episode 19 (“Shadow Play”) is going to prove it. We have our first real look at the largely black-and-white episode that will take us into Spencer’s Adderall-induced, noir-inspired reality in this behind-the-scenes video Pretty Little Liars just released. And, guys? It looks amazing!

“In this episode, Spencer has been going through many a sleepless night kind of fueled by Adderall, and she’s trying desperately to try to figure out whether Ezra is ‘A,’” Troian explains as we see scene-age of Spencer filing through online news articles about Ezra and organizing evidence in her bedroom. “She goes to take another pill to keep up all night, and she loses touch completely with her own reality and wakes up in a new reality, and that is her life noir-ified, if I can just make up that word.”

It is noir-ified, and it is beautiful. Shay Mitchell (Emily) describes the beauty of the episode like this: “With this episode, you could literally stop it at any point and print it out and blow it up on a big poster, and it’s just going to be stunning.” And she’s not kidding! All of the Liars (and their leading men we see both Ezra and Toby in the vid) look absolutely gorgeous done up in 40s hair, makeup, and clothes. As do the sets! In one clip, we see Aria and Ezra talking in Ezra’s noir-ified apartment.

“I always thought champagne was the most sophisticated thing in the world,” Aria says as Ezra pours her a drink. “Well, it isn’t,” Ezra delivers a line smoothly. “You are.”

It seems that the episode will keep the focus tightly on Spencer’s quest to expose Ezra. In one clip, we see Spencer recruiting Hanna for the job of stalking the stalker as she is currently “president of the man hater’s club.” (We think the 1940s have only made Spencer sassier.) Hanna spies Ezra meeting with Mona. Is the gig up? Hanna seems to find it pretty incriminating.

“Men,” Hanna she says with a shake of her head and a roll of her eyes as she peers up at Ezra and Mona’s clandestine meeting on some balcony. And Mona isn’t the only former “A”-teamer Ezra is hanging with. In another clip, we see Toby asking Ezra: “Well, if I am no damn good, then why are you talking to me?”

Ezra, stepping into the role of noir villain seemingly perfectly, prompts him: “Because we have something in common. We both know what happens when a man lets a skirt get to him.”

“He makes mistakes,” Toby finishes. But is Toby really on Ezra’s side? It certainly doesn’t seem like it from the looks of a later clip featuring Toby and Aria. “We don’t have much time. I hit him hard, but I only hit him once,” Toby tells her, a car in the background. Did Toby kidnap Ezra at the request of the Liars?! And, if so, does that mean Aria now knows the truth? It certainly appears that way from the looks of a diner scene between Spencer and Aria. In it, Spencer joins Aria at the counter.

“If I tell you something, you promise me you won’t give me the look?” Aria asks Spencer clarifying that she’s referring to “the Spencer look.” Ha! Spencer seems ready to swap secrets: “I have to tell you something, and I’m afraid I am going to get a lot more from you than just a look,” she tells Aria. Understatement.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! In the sneak peek, we catch a glimpse of the epic Paily scene writer-director Joseph Dougherty has teased. The couple shares a passionate kiss in front of a city-scaped window.

“I really feel like this is one that is going to go down in history,” Shay says in the video. We think she might be right. Guys, this is going to be epic.

What do you think of the footage from Episode 19? Is it what you expected? Do you think it looks cool or cheesy? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch this episode of Pretty Little Liars on February 4, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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