Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 2 Questions: Did Hanna’s Mom Kill Wilden? Aria and Jake?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 2 Questions: Did Hanna’s Mom Kill Wilden? Aria and Jake?

We love all of Pretty Little Liars’ constant thrills and surprises, but at the end of every episode, it always seems as though we have more questions than answers, which was especially true after the most recent episode.

To that end, we’ve tackled the 10 biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to figure out what’s really going on in Rosewood and to pick up on any and all clues.

Here are 10 questions from Season 4, Episode 2: “Turn of the Shoe.”

The show wants us to think Hanna’s mom killed Wilden, which means she probably didn’t do it. She’s definitely hiding some kind of secret — and those muddy Manolos are incriminating but we’re thinking this is like Aria’s dad last season, where we finally got an explanation for his creepiness. Our bet is still on CeCe to be Wilden’s killer, but we are worried about poor Ms. Marin.

We’ve long been suspicious about whether it was really Ali’s body that was found, especially with all the Page 5 stuff. Now, with Ali’s mom confirming that Ali’s yellow top was what they used to ID the body, we’re thinking it could have indeed been Ali’s twin whose body was actually found. Yes, we’re jumping back on the “twin theory” bandwagon.

The scene with Ali and her mom showed us that Ali is pretty darn talented at holding her breath, which means it was quite possibly her hand reaching out of the grave in flashbacks. Ali has been honing this skill since she was five, so she’s certainly had plenty of practice. And the scene between Ali and her mom also showed us that Ali could use some discipline.

So a talking bird is playing an integral part in the plot now? M’kay, sure. But we wonder whose phone number Tippi had learned, as this person will probably turn out to be the Beach Hottie. At the moment, we’re thinking Noel, Wren, or Ezra are likely candidates — but might Toby still turn out to be the Beach Hottie? We sure hope not, but he certainly had chemistry with Ali.

5. Is CeCe behind Spencer’s rejection letter from Penn?

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 2 Questions: Did Hanna’s Mom Kill Wilden? Aria and Jake?
Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

We refuse to believe that Spencer actually got rejected from Penn, given that she’s basically the smartest person ever. So that’s part of the reason why we’re convinced her rejection has something to do with “A.” It seems to be no small coincidence that it was CeCe who took Spence’s application and offered to help her with it last season.

We don’t blame the girls for not fully trusting Mona, especially since we see her talking to the cops when Aria meets up with her. So what exactly was Mona telling them? Mona is the one who tells the girls about the high heel prints by Wilden’s body, which means this detail might not actually be true. Could she be setting up Hanna’s mom for Wilden’s murder?

It’s certainly not looking like Toby’s mom committed suicide anymore, given that she was apparently so optimistic about her future. Does this mean Ali had something to do with her death — or perhaps Jenna? Don’t worry, Toby — we’re always available for a hug if you need one.

8. What’s Shana up to?

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 2 Questions: Did Hanna’s Mom Kill Wilden? Aria and Jake?

Shana made a notable return this week, between her heated convo with Hanna and her locker room chat with Em. Given that Shana wants to beat Emily for the Stanford team, we wonder if she might have driven Mona’s car and caused Emily’s shoulder injury. And by the way, with all the car accidents we’ve seen on this show, Rosewood seriously must have the world’s most lax DMV.

Emily’s swim meet accident was truly heartbreaking, especially if it might blow her chance of impressing the Stanford coach. We’re really loving Paily these days, so the thought of them not being able to attend the same school next year would be a serious bummer. And after all she’s been through, doesn’t Em know to stay away from performance enhancers at this point?

We’re proud of Aria for taking that self-defense class, even if the idea of Aria kicking ass and taking names is sort of hilarious. And we’re already smitten kittens for Aria’s latest teacher crush, Jake. Sure, we don’t entirely trust him, given that he mysteriously shows up at her home, but we’ll give the benefit of the doubt to any guy who looks that good in a tank top.

What did you think, Pretty Little Liars fans? Do you have the same questions? Sound off in the comments!

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