The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Spoilers: Pigs Help Solve Mystery?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Spoilers: Pigs Help Solve Mystery?

Follow that pig!

On The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere, “30 Days Without an Accident,” we saw that one of Rick’s pigs, Violet, was sick. Then we saw a walker at the fence with bloody eyes, and young Patrick (Vincent Martella) ended up with his own bloody eyes as he succumbed to this new super-flu thing — which is now presumably spreading through the prison.

Also on the premiere, we saw Carol (Melissa McBride) secretly teaching little kids knife skills. Get down with your bad self, girl!

A fan asked E! News if Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) would learn about Carol’s classes. Here’s E!’s answer: "Yes. And his reaction might surprise you. Suffice to say, Rick is going to start to shift his priorities in the next episode, as he figures out what's up with the deadly virus, the piggies, and the ever-growing posse of zombies who are tearing down the prison fence. In the next episode, the piggies help solve one of those big problems.”

Mystery solving pigs — perfect for TWD spinoff! The next episode airs tomorrow, Sunday, October 20 at 9 p.m. ET. It’s called “Infected,” and here’s more about what happens.

The episode reportedly starts with the scene shown in one of the videos below, where someone feeds a rat to to the walkers at the fence. Who is doing that and why?

Source: E! News

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