Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 23 Review — The Liars Find Ali
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 23 Review — The Liars Find Ali

There are only two episodes left in Pretty Little Liars Season 4. Did Season 4, Episode 23 (“Unbridled”) send us into the finale on a strong note?

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We liked this episode. We didn't love it, but we definitely liked it. There was a good mix of plot and emotion, and although it dragged a little, there were definitely some OMG moments.

Plot wise, we're glad the Liars have finally tracked Ali down. Just in time for the finale, too. How convenient! We're also intrigued by the idea that Spencer didn't attack Ali that night, but someone else — whoever ended up in that grave. We have to admit that that was a twist we hadn't given very much thought. All the clues about the DiLaurentis family are also interesting. Clearly, they are hiding something, but what is it? Why does Ali not want her mom to know anything? Why did Jason lie about being in rehab?

On the emotional side, we adored Aria with her mom. We're glad Ella and her muffin man are getting a happily ever after, and we're also happy Ella can be here in Aria's time of need. And then there was the Paige and Emily fight. It was heartbreaking, but really well acted. And we have to admit that we're starting to like Travis, even if we still want Caleb back.

Overall, we give it 4 stars.

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Not a fan.

Great episode!

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