The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Rick Vs. Carol! Who Got Left Behind in “Indifference”?
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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Rick Vs. Carol! Who Got Left Behind in “Indifference”?

Rick to Carol on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4, “Indifference”: "You’re not that woman who was too scared to be alone. Not anymore. You’re going to start over, find others, ones who don’t know, and you’re going to survive out here. You will.”

Holy poop.

Pookie is going to be livid when he finds out Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) kicked Carol (Melissa McBride) out of the group. Was that his call to make? Then again, maybe it was the right call? Humane vs. right. Rick shouldn't have to carry Carol's secret for her, and the truth would infuriate everyone — especially Tyreese (Chad Coleman) but also Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). Would he be more mad at Rick or Carol?

Rick doesn't want to be the leader, but he can't help but fall back into his leadership role. Carol, though. My god. What is going to happen to her on her own? That's cold — to leave her by herself (even if she has her own car). It was so un-Carol-ish to kill Karen and David, but it's also un-Rick like to punish her to this extent. (At least now Carol won't have to hear Lizzie call her "Mom" anymore.)

Who is showing the most “indifference” this episode — Rick or Carol … or Daryl with Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.)? Yeah, Bob should’ve grabbed at least some meds on the run, but alcoholism is a serious thing. If Daryl was that pissed at Bob, how mad will he be at Rick and/or Carol? Will Rick tell him the truth? Will Daryl believe him?

And how sad to meet two new characters (Sam and Ana) just to see the woman eaten and the man disappear. Will we see Sam again? Will he find a new group, or return to his old group, and tell them about the prison? That could be bad.

Read on for a full recap of Episode 4:

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Rick Vs. Carol! Who Got Left Behind in “Indifference”?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    


Rick re-bandages his hand, then we see Carol talk to Lizzie through a (surprisingly clean) glass wall, since Lizzie is still sick. Which one is the prisoner, which one is the visitor? Carol tells Lizzie she and Rick are going to look for food and whatever else they can find. Lizzie said no one has died yet, but they will. She said at least they come back after they die. Carol: “Lizzie, when they come back they aren’t - people aren’t who they were.” Is this foreshadowing Lizzie’s death and return as a zombie, like Sophia, or a heavy-handed analogy about Carol changing and not coming back to who she was? The old Carol is dead. Lizzie lays it on thick about how people change, and we see Rick in the background, and … a flashback of Carol killing Karen and dragging the body. Carol: “If it’s your life or your sister’s life, you can’t be afraid to kill. Understand?” Maybe Carol isn’t the one who should be advising children. Carol tells her she’ll live. “You, your sister and me, we’re going to survive, I know it.” Famous last words. Lizzie accidentally calls her “Mom” instead of “Ma’am” and Carol gets upset. Carol is a little too cold nowadays. Lizzie: “I’m not afraid to kill, I’m just afraid.” Carl said she can’t be afraid. you fight it. You don’t give up. “And then one day you just change.” Um, that one day came a little too fast for Carol. She’s much too different from the woman we knew.


Tyreese washes his shirt. Is that the first time they’ve washed their clothes? He needed it, though, since it was covered in walker blood from last week’s epic hammer-fest. Ty is upset about losing a whole night. He’s afraid his sister is dead. Bob tries to stay positive, saying it helps to keep moving, but Tyreese just says “No, it doesn’t.” Someone is a grumpy gus today.


Maggie wanted to come but someone had to stay back. “Someone you trust you mean,” Carol tells Rick. This is what Rick does - he separates those he doesn’t trust. Carol: “They would’ve drowned in their own blood, they were suffering. I made it quick.” Ugh. There goes the last hope that it was really Lizzie who did it. Carol makes her pitch. “They were a threat. I was trying to save lives. I had to try. Somebody had to.” Yes, someone did. Hershel, when he came up with non-lethal suggestions to save people. And it may work.


Michonne to Daryl: “Is that jasper? Good color. It brings out your eyes.” Huge smile from Michonne. My, my…


Rick and Carol find a car covered in dust, unlike their own pristine car. They head into a suburban house to raid what they can get.


The four of them are just wandering around. They’re screwed if they come across anymore walkers. They’re just lucky they haven’t yet. Daryl tries to hotwire a car, but it apparently needs a new battery. There are “friends” inside the gas station, though. Tyreese takes his aggression out on the foliage and it turns out there are walkers inside, and one attacks Daryl. Michonne cuts his arm off. At least Michonne is paying attention out there. Tyreese’s anger issues may get him killed, he should’ve let go of a walker. Bob shoots a walker but that’s a loud noise. Snap out of it, Ty. We already went through the crazy grief thing with Rick (and Morgan). Don’t take us there again.


How is this place not cleared out already? Are people living there, and keeping medications? A zombie — bwahahaha! — falls down the stairs and Rick pulls Carol back. She knifes the walker, but they hear a noise upstairs. Two people are there. “We have fruit.” Oh well, then. How did they get fruit? Apricots. Peaches. They throw fruit down the stairs. "Jack and Erin," we presume?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Rick Vs. Carol! Who Got Left Behind in “Indifference”?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    


There’s a greenhouse around the corner and that’s how they got the fruit. They were there a day and the “skin-eaters” showed up. The guy used to think people were a**holes, but now he loves living people. He dislocated his shoulder. Carol helps him. He lays on his back and she pops it back. Rick paces around like a caged animal. He’s still in cop mode. The newbies are too cheerful. They got separated from their crew about a week ago. Sam saved Ana's life. They just keep moving. They ask about Rick and Carol’s set up. Rick asks his three questions.


They need a new battery if they’re going to fix that car. Daryl knows what he’s doing back there. Just another hotness point to add to his tally. Outside, Michonne tells Tyreese he should’ve let the walker go. Does Ty want to die? Does he even know what he’s trying to do? He has every reason to be pissed. “But anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed.” Nice. Tyreese wants to know if she’s still angry about The Governor. “If he was here right now I’d cut him in two. … But I’m not angry. I was.” Why is she still going out looking for him then? “I don’t know,” she said. She’s right about anger and stupidity. Hopefully she can take her own advice. But she has a strong protective instinct, and she was loyal to Andrea. She needs a cause. Daryl and Bob find two people who took themselves out, holding hands “kumbaya style.” He calls them douchebags, but Bob defends them. They wanted to go out as they lived, together. “Everybody makes it, until they don’t.” It’s your life, your choice how to live or die. That was the theme of the webisodes they just did…


Rick tells them they’re in a prison eight miles north, but they can’t guarantee the newbies’ safety. There’s a big bad flu. They’ve lost a lot. Carol said she hasn’t lost her own kids, thank god, but one of her girls has got it. The look Rick gives her. She’s blurring lines. For now, Rick tells them, sit tight. They’ll circle back before dark. Carol tells them to do a sweep of the neighborhood. Rick doesn’t really like that idea. This Sam guy seems too cheerful for the task. “You can’t carry us, man, it doesn’t work that way.” Rick has trust issues, but that’s fair at this point. He gives them guns. OK, guess he does trust them. He said they’ll be back in two hours. He gives Sam a watch.


Which old group? When Daryl found him on the road, he almost kept walking. He was done being a witness. Two times, two different groups, he was the last one standing, like he was the one who was cursed to see it over and over. Interesting. He used to drink a bottle of anything just to shut his eyes at night. That run at the Big Spot he did for himself, to get himself a bottle. He admits picking up the bottle brought down the shelf, and the walkers, and got Zach killed. It’s a little too much to put on himself. Daryl says it’s “bullsh-it.” Two groups, though. Last one standing. Interesting. Daryl gets the car running. Can you picture him working as sweaty mechanic fixing cars? *shivers* Daryl gives Bob a speech about not standing alone anymore. We’ll stand by youuuuuu!


Rick and Carol talk about bringing the kids back to the group. Did Carol think it was right? She thinks it was humane. But was it right? If they’re strong enough to survive this, it was the right call. Carol repeats that she killed two people and he hasn’t said a word about it. What does she want him to say? She rationalizes it. Rick can be a farmer, but he can’t just be a farmer. “You were a good leader. Better than I probably gave you credit for.” “I never murdered two of our own.” “Just one.” Ouch! The Shane card. “He was going to kill me.” True. “So were they. They were going to kill all of us.” “You don’t know that.” Carol asks if he would’ve done it if it would’ve saved Carl or Judith. Would she have done if it was Glenn or Sasha? “You don’t have to like what I did, Rick. I don’t. You just accept it.” Carol is the new Carl? Ugh. Like we needed another.


Finally. Daryl wants to make it quick, but Bob ends up finding … what? What did he grab?


Carol learned about popping shoulders back from the Internet. It was easier than telling an ER nurse about falling down the stairs. She convinced herself she was happy with Ed. It beat being alone. He was charming when he wanted to be. “Stupid. Stupid. I didn’t think I could be strong. I didn’t know I could. But I already was.” Rick wants to know why Carol doesn’t say her name. “She’s dead, Rick. Sophia. Ed.” Rick said some mornings he wakes up half expecting Lori to be there nagging him or saying breakfast is ready. She used to make pancakes on Sunday. She couldn’t even do that right. Lori just wanted them to be the kind of family that ate pancakes on Sunday. Point to ponder: Could Lori do anything right?


Female newbie is dead! We see part of her leg. Carol calmly says they should get back. Sam is probably waiting. Did we even learn the girl’s name?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Rick Vs. Carol! Who Got Left Behind in “Indifference”?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    


Bob tells them what types of medicines to get. Shouldn’t they grab more of other things, in case they’re relevant? There are walkers inside that apparently never heard them or came to find them until this point. They end up in a dark room with cages and a walker. Tyreese hammers him down. Bob says they’re infected like the walkers at the prison. If they get the blood on them, they’ll be infected. They bust a door open and start slashing through walkers to get out. Everyone’s infected, just stay away from Carol.


It’s been too long, Carol says. Rick wants to give him a couple more minutes. Never should’ve left them alone. Carol said he might be fine. “But it doesn’t matter, because he’s not here and we have to go.” Carol takes charge. Stare-down. “It was a nice watch.” ICE COLD. Rick keeps giving her these “Who the hell ARE you?” looks. Who is this woman? She needs a new name, besides Carol. Carol, like Sophia, is gone.


Bob tries to pull his bag away from the walkers. They tell him to let it go but he refuses. What’s in the bag? More drink. No meds. Just alcohol. Daryl: “You should’ve kept walking that day.” Showdown. Daryl gets in his face and walks him down. Addiction’s a serious thing, Daryl. “Let it go, Daryl. The man’s made his choice.” Bob didn’t want to hurt anyone. “It was just for when it gets quiet.” Daryl threatens to beat Bob’s ass into the ground. You know, if Daryl is this mad about the drink, he should be furious at Carol. Will he be, though? People have different standards for when it’s someone they know vs. someone they don’t know. Poor Bob. But he could’ve at least nabbed the leftover meds in the cabinet. Still, so much for Daryl's speech about Bob not standing alone anymore. Maybe this is why he's always the last one?


Rick gets a good look at Carol’s knife. “They might’ve lived.” Yes. Thank you for saying that. “Karen and David, they might’ve lived and now they’re dead. That wasn’t your decision to make.” Yes. “When Tyreese finds out, he’ll kill you.” Carol said she can handle Tyreese. Rick said when the others find out, they won’t want you there. If everyone dies and it’s just the two of them with his children, “I won’t have you there.” Wow. Carol: “Rick, it’s me. No one else has to know.” Rick is making this decision for himself. Carol could’ve pretended everything was going to be fine, but she didn’t. “I did something. I stepped up. I had to do something.” Rick: “No, you didn’t.” Wait … is Rick kicking Carol out of the group? “You’re not that woman who was too scared to be alone. Not anymore. You’re going to start over, find others, ones who don’t know, and you’re going to survive out here. You will.” Holy eff. She’s being abandoned.


Like the Cherokee Rose. He’ll find Carol, won’t he? He’ll be pissed at Rick for leaving her.


The trail went cold. “I don’t need to go out anymore.” On that note, will he come to her?


It’s so hard to believe Rick would be cold enough to send Carol out alone. She gives Rick a new watch, something Ed gave her on their first anniversary. Gold watch for your service with the “group.” Retirement.


Rick to Hershel: “When we get past this thing, it’s not going to be like how it was.” Is Daryl giving his cry face again? Uh oh.

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