The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers: What Happens in “Internment”?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers: What Happens in “Internment”?

UPDATE: Here's a full recap of Episode 5!

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First, let’s be nerds about the definition of “Internment.” That’s the title of The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 5, which airs Sunday, November 10.

Here are three definitions:

1. The act of interning or confining, especially in wartime.

2. The state of being interned; confinement.

3. The act of interning or state of being interned, especially of enemy citizens in wartime or of terrorism suspects.

“Wartime” is mentioned a couple of times. Just wanted to throw that out there first, since the synopsis for this episode is "Assorted enemies pressure Rick and the group; the survivors and the prison may reach a breaking point."

Assorted enemies? Is the illness one enemy and ... maybe it's Team Prison vs. Rick when they hear about Carol?

Will Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) tell the truth about what happened? It would almost be better if he held a trial of some kind, with Carol (Melissa McBride) explaining herself to the group and the group as a whole (a democracy!) deciding what to do. But The Ricktatorship re-emerged on Episode 4 and made that call solo. We're guessing Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will not be happy. He wouldn't be happy to know what Carol did (killing Karen and David on the off-chance it would stop the illness) but he may find Rick's call even worse.

Maybe another enemy is Sam's new group, if that cheerful new guy is still alive and happens upon a new group. If he tells others about this prison eight miles north — with kids and a bad flu — someone may hear "opportunity" and strike.

Speaking of someone ... since we’re talking about confinement, wartime, and a breaking point, our thoughts have to turn to our old one-eyed pal, The Governor (David Morrissey). It would make sense for him to make an appearance in this episode, with or without perhaps having a spy or two on the inside. (Bob Stookey? Poor Bob with his alcohol. Dr. S.? Both? Neither? Lizzie? Should we just blame everything on Lizzie from now on?)

This is just speculation at this point, but we’re still guessing Episode 6 and Episode 7 are the standalone Governor flashback episodes. Maybe we don’t see The Gov before the standalone eps, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he showed up as a preview, then had the flashbacks, then returned to the prison for what we’re guessing is a big Episode 8 (mid-season finale) attack. (See the update below for more on that thought.)

We’ve also read rumors out there about Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) perhaps dying in this episode, or maybe on the mid-season finale, Episode 8. Wouldn’t it be so Hershel to have the supply run head to the veterinary college for medicine, and have that medicine arrive in time to save maybe Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) (and Lizzie), but not him? The illness supposedly has its own timeline, but you have to imagine it would work faster on an older gent like Hershel. Or maybe he dies a different way? Maybe that rumor is wrong, but there was talk about a death dinner over the summer and … well … let’s just hope it’s wrong.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers: What Happens in “Internment”?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Are you curious about “Internment”? It sounds so ominous, but it’s the last of our “I” set, which started with “Infected” in Episode 2, then “Isolation” in Episode 3, and “Indifference” in the November 3 Episode 4. Episode 6 is called “Live Bait.” Stay tuned for more updates on Episode 5 as they emerge!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.


SpoilerTV got to see Episode 5 in advance and they shared some intriguing teases, specifically: "Someone is coming back to the prison! I’m not saying who, but it’s the last shot of the episode and you don’t wanna miss it." It could be Carol. It could be Morgan Jones. It could be that Sam guy. But it may also be The Governor. Is that what you're thinking?

They also wrote, "After the first 20 minutes, which were a little slow, I could not keep my eyes off my screen. What is happening in the prison is crazy and it’s awesome ! It’s exactly what you can expect from The Walking Dead, everything is calm and nice and then suddenly, all hell broke loose!"

Also, expect many deaths. "Remember Glenn and Sasha were sick last time we saw. Well now, they are definitely sicker…. They are both in jeopardy. I’m really hoping they will survive this, but I’m having doubts. - Lots of deaths ! Yeah, it’s the Walking Dead folks, so people are dying and coming back as walker and after they finally died… or not. So, expect many, many deaths (including humans and walkers) in Internment."

On that note, "Once again, during a walker attack, one character will act very stupidly, putting its life in real danger... Oh, and another one is just too dumb and slow, it is turned in less than 5 seconds. Stupid people make great walkers." They also said Hershel will be a main character in this episode, but who knows how much longer he can live. That at least suggests he lives through the week.

Read a lot more here. Yikes!