The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 6: “Live Bait”: Who Will Die?
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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 6: “Live Bait”: Who Will Die?

Our weekly morbid death speculation on The Walking Dead Season 4 has an added wrinkle in that this Sunday’s November 17 Episode 6, “Live Bait,” appears to be one of The Governor’s (David Morrissey) “standalone” episodes.

No one has come right out and said this is the case, but we’re guessing Episode 7, “Dead Weight,” will be the second standalone as a preview to a big Governor vs. Prison standoff in Episode 8, “Too Far Gone.” Episode 8 is the mid-season finale, and we’re certainly expecting a major death on that ep, in part because Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) said it would include a “painful” scene.

Based on the limited intel from Episode 6’s promo and sneak peek video, it looks like we’ll be following The Governor right after his temper tantrum in the Season 3 finale, when he shot the Woodbury people who refused to keep fighting the prison. Martinez was shown in the sneak peek and a promo photo, and we also see Woodbury burning.

So it’s a flashback, and probably won’t even include time at the prison. Not too long ago, Andrew Lincoln said two episodes that did not feature his character might be the best episodes the show has ever had. That certainly sounds like this Sunday’s ep, and possibly next week’s as well.

Death speculation … well, when we saw that flash of The Governor in Episode 5, he appeared to be stalking the place on his own. Does he kill Martinez and Shumpert? Do they try to kill him (tell us they at least try)? Are they all still together, with a new group?

It’s possible they come upon a new group and gun more people down, since The Gov. must be past the point of caring. Scratch that, he must be pissed as hell, since not only did his Woodbury warriors defy him — prompting him to shoot them — if he goes home to Woodbury he’ll see that they left him for the prison. They’ve all abandoned him! He may just start shooting everyone in sight. Hopefully he doesn’t end up with Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in his sight.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: Over the summer, SpoilerTV issued a casting call for three people in this episode. These are probably code names: “Episode 4.06 of The Walking Dead is called ‘Rise.’ There are 2 recurring roles currently being cast: a single mother and former nurse named Laura and a tough and funny woman named Melody. The guest star role of Don is also being cast; he's 50-70 years old, is kind but sometimes grumpy, and has a granddaughter.”

As we know, Episode 6 is now called “Live Bait,” but we thought “Rise” might’ve been code for Rise of The Governor, which is the name of one of writer/producer Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels. Alanna Masterson was cast in a mystery role, and some speculated that she could be playing Tara Chalmers, who is also connected to Rise of The Governor. Maybe Alanna will play one of the women listed in that casting call, or maybe she’s coming in another episode. But we have to put these characters on Death Watch, since newbies haven’t been faring too well so far this season. FYI, SpoilerTV said actor Danny Vinson was cast as “Don.” Don’t get too attached, in case he dies quickly.

At the very least, it sounds like everyone at Team Prison will survive this week, if only because we’ll be too busy catching up with where The Governor has been and who he’s been killing.

Are you curious for this episode or does it feel like a break from the real action at the prison?

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11.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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