The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 7: “Dead Weight”: Who Will Die?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 7: “Dead Weight”: Who Will Die?

Update: Watch the new Brazil promo below. It hints to bad things for Martinez, but you never know how tricky the editing can get... It also shows Hershel out and about, finding a tank connected to The Gov.'s/Martinez's camp. So you may want to be extra worried about Hershel in this episode and/or the next.

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We’re still in The Governor (David Morrissey) flashback zone on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7, “Dead Weight” (November 24), with a bunch of new characters coming and possibly going.

Our weekly death speculation may actually be working backwards this week, since we know The Governor will be facing down the prison at some point (as seen on Episode 5). We still don’t know exactly why, though. Does he even care about revenge against Team Prison or does he just want the structure for safety?

At this point, “Brian” has three people he’s protecting: Lilly (Audrey Marie Anderson), Tara (Alanna Masterson), and Meghan (Meyrick Murphy). He swore to never let anything happen to little Meghan, who is obviously his new Penny. So we’re guessing if The Gov. snaps it’s because something happens to her, or one of the other members of his new family.

The Gov. will reunite with Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) in this episode, and Martinez knows a little too much. He’s also in charge. What if The Gov. kills Martinez and takes over the group? In the promo, we hear Martinez tell “Brian” they won’t take any “dead weight.” It looked like he might be referring to the women, but maybe they end up thinking it’s The Gov. if he’s gone soft. Or maybe Martinez ends up the dead weight.

Martinez’s group isn’t even that big, but in the promo they spy a camp that’s pretty well supplied. What if they join forces with that camp and somehow decide to take over the prison for a more permanent safe zone?

There was a casting call over the summer for two brothers to appear in this episode: “Mack is an aggressive wiseass and Patrick is fair-minded. Mack is recurring and Patrick is a guest role.” Those appear to be code names. Martinez does reference a "Mitch" in one of the promos, so maybe that's meant to be Mack. It looks like he’s played by Kirk Acevedo of Oz and Band of Brothers. The other brother is now called Pete. Maybe one of the brothers dies this week. Since we just met them, can't say we'd miss them.

Another new person you may have spotted with Martinez’s group is actress Juliana Harkavy's character; the curly-haired brunette probably has a name even if we don’t know it yet. (Side note: All these brunettes are starting to confuse us; someone dye your hair, please.)

In the promo, we see The Governor driving a car with Tara holding Meghan in the front seat and what looks like Tara and maybe Juliana’s character in the backseat. In a new promo from New Zealand, Juliana appears to hold a shaken-looking Tara, so the women may bond in some way and drive off with The Gov.

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 7: “Dead Weight”: Who Will Die?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

The New Zealand promo also shows a tank next to The Gov.’s trailer, and that could hint to a scene from the comics when The Gov. attacks the prison. They are doing a “remix” of the comics this season, so maybe it won’t be that straightforward.

David Morrissey has talked about possibly “negotiating” with the prison, so maybe he doesn’t just show up with a tank and drive over the fences. Don’t forget that Hershel Greene(Scott Wilson), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) are all outside the prison at this point, and it’s possible some or all of them could cross paths with The Governor.

There were whispers that Hershel was not long for this world, and even though we thought he might die in Episode 5, it’s possible he’ll just die later, maybe in the Episode 8 mid-season finale if there is a clash with The Gov. or others outside the prison. Or maybe he’ll get so sick of our death speculation that he’ll live forever. We wouldn’t mind!

Long story short, who the heck knows who’ll die this week. This is a big jigsaw puzzle, and all we know is that on Episode 5 — in “real time” — The Gov. ends up outside the prison, appearing to want access. Is he still with the women at that point? Is he with Martinez? Do they combine with the new camp and its supplies? Do they meet up with any of our Team Prison people and try to use them to gain access?

It’s exciting to have so many possible tangents for the story to take and not really know what will happen next.

Do you have any theories for Episode 7, “Dead Weight”?

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