Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 9: That Awkward Moment When… (VIDEO)
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 9: That Awkward Moment When… (VIDEO)

We love Pretty Little Liars for its action-packed episodes of drama, thrills, and twisted plot lines, but there’s one thing that people fail to mention when talking about the show: all the awkward moments.

Throughout PLL’s four seasons, there have been a lot of uncomfortable scenes, including finding out the girl you just made out with is your student, discovering your boyfriend is “A,” or watching your mom hit a now-dead detective with her car.

Basically, Rosewood is one awkward town, and to honor that (or at least call the Liars out on their weird moments), we’re compiling all of ‘em, one episode at a time. On last night’s episode (Season 4, Episode 9: "Into the Deep"), one moment was the ultimate buzzkill.

The Liars should know by now that surprises are never a good idea, but they still threw Emily a secret birthday party. For one, they invited Shana and Jenna to try and get intel from them, but that’s not the most awkward part — it was Em’s not-so-happy entrance.

When Emily met with a renowned swim coach in Philadelphia, she expected good news. Unfortunately, Paige failed to mention that she needed shoulder surgery when setting up the meeting, so Em was left sitting awkward and heartbroken in his office when he said there was nothing he could do for her. So, when she knocked on Paige’s door, she wasn’t happy — she confronted her girlfriend, but was then stopped short by all of her friends jumping out of the dark and screaming, “Happy Birthday!” Awkward alert.

From there, Emily sulked around a little before she and Paige went out to the dock to talk. They proceeded to break up (and break our hearts), and then Em had to pull a nearly-dead Jenna out of the lake. Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Was this the most awkward moment of Pretty Little Liars for you? Click to 2:25 in the video below to watch, and then sound off below!