Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 9 Synopsis — “Into the Deep”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 9 Synopsis — “Into the Deep”

Things have not been going well for the Marins in Pretty Little Liars Season 4, but based on this spoiler-y synopsis of Season 4, Episode 9: "Into the Deep," they might finally get some help from an unlikely source.

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Here's the official ABC Family synopsis of the episode:

"Paige throws Emily a surprise birthday party with even more surprising guests — Jenna and Shana. But it’s “A’s” actions at the party that lead to the biggest shock of all. Mona’s selfless act provides Hanna and her mother with their first bit of good news, but sends Mona down a familiar path. And Ezra gets some distressing news from Maggie regarding her and Malcolm.

Meanwhile, Aria and Jake (Ryan Guzman) continue trying to define their confusing relationship. And Emily meets with a world class coach in a last ditch effort to salvage her swimming career."

We're very curious about Mona's "selfless" act. In Episode 8, Hanna turns to her former friend for help with her mom, and Mona proves her loyalty in an unexpected way; we wonder if this is an extension of that story.

In fact, everything about this episode sounds exciting. Parties are always a source of major drama for the Liars, and with an episode this far into the season, we're betting something big goes down.

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