The Walking Dead Season 4: What Were Your Favorite and Least Favorite Episodes? (POLL)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: What Were Your Favorite and Least Favorite Episodes? (POLL)

The Walking Dead Season 4 has officially looked at the flowers. We miss it already. There were times when Season 4 tried our patience, but it was still a great season, especially when viewed as a whole. Which episodes were the best (and worst), in your opinion?

When Season 4 debuted with Episode 1, “30 Days Without an Accident,” some fans complained that Farmer Rick was boring. There was a great action sequence at Big Spot (zombies through the roof!) but otherwise it showed the calm before the storm.

Episode 2, “Infected,” showed us what happened to Patrick and introduced the virus that would dominate the prison world in the first half.

Episode 3, “Isolation,” showed the aftermath of Karen and David’s deaths/burnings, with Hershel suggesting a team hit the road for the veterinary college.

Episode 4, “Indifference,” showed more of that college road trip, juxtaposed with Rick and Carol in the ‘burbs; that’s when Rick banished Carol for killing Karen and David.

Episode 5, “Internment,” may be best remembered for the Hershel ownage; he ran the sick ward like a boss, with great back up from daughter Maggie.

Episode 6, “Live Bait,” was the first standalone Governor episode, introducing Tara and her family.

Episode 7, “Dead Weight,” reunited “Brian” with Martinez, and showed The Gov. taking over a new camp.

Episode 8, “Too Far Gone,” was the action-packed midseason finale, destroying most of the prison and sending our characters in a dozen different directions.

The Walking Dead Season 4: What Were Your Favorite and Least Favorite Episodes? (POLL)
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Episode 9, “After,” aired two months after the midseason finale. It followed Michonne and, separately, Rick and Carl, but mostly Carl, who had to take care of himself.

Episode 10, “Inmates,” followed the other storylines, including Beth and Daryl; Sasha, Bob, and Maggie; and Glenn meeting Tara at the prison; that ep ended with the intro of Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.

Episode 11, “Claimed,” turned out to be pivotal, in part for Michonne opening up to Carl about her past, but mostly for introducing Joe and The Marauders and leaving Rick to kill his way out of the house; it also showed Glenn on the road with Abraham and company, making them return to the prison area to find Maggie.

Episode 12, “Still,” followed Beth and Daryl on a bonding mission to find alcohol so Beth could feel like she lived a little before she died. It was an emotional episode, just focused on those two characters.

Episode 13, “Alone,” further bonded Beth and Daryl, then ripped them apart when a stranger in a car with a white cross on he back seemed to kidnap Beth, leaving Daryl alone ... until he was found by The Marauders. This ep also followed Maggie, Sasha, and Bob as they argued over what to do next. Maggie insisted on going to Terminus to find Glenn and Sasha and Bob launched a little romance.

Episode 14, “The Grove,” followed Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith in what was called the most controversial episode of the series. Lizzie’s … how to put it … “messed up” mind, when it comes to walkers, was fully realized when she stabbed her sister Mika, then cheerfully announced that it was OK because she’d come back as a walker. This prompted Carol and Ty to decide they couldn’t keep Lizzie around other people. Carol shot Lizzie, then confessed to Tyreese that she was the one who killed Karen and David. He forgave her.

Episode 15, “Us,” followed Daryl with The Marauders, who were tracking Rick to Terminus; the other half of the hour followed Glenn’s search for Maggie, finally giving us a happy Gleggie reunion. We also finally reached Terminus.

Episode 16, “A,” closely followed Rick, Carl, and Michonne as they made their way to Terminus. They were ambushed by The Marauders, but killed them all, ultimately reuniting with Daryl. They all went to Terminus and realized their old friends were there. Gareth had them herded into a train car where the whole group will stay until Season 5.

That’s obviously a very brief rundown of each episode, but you must have a favorite or two from the bunch. Was it the Beth/Daryl episode? The Lizzie/Mika/Carol flower viewing session? The action-packed midseason finale? The Rick/Carol banishment ep? How about your least favorite episode? The Beth/Daryl episode? (That was a polarizing one.) One of the Governor episodes?

Vote in the polls below to share your feelings. Let’s hope Season 5 is just as strong, or even stronger, than this batch of 16 beauties!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

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