Season 4 Finale: What Happened Between Ali and Ezra the Night She Disappeared?
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Pretty Little Liars

Season 4 Finale: What Happened Between Ali and Ezra the Night She Disappeared?

The Season 4 Pretty Little Liars finale on March 18 answered a lot of questions about the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared. And one of the big ones we’ve been waiting for all season was addressed fairly early on: What happened between Ali and Ezra Fits on the night she disappeared?

In a flashback, we relived the whole encounter, also finding out how they met. Turns out Ali faked her way into Ezra’s life when she found him reading Tender is the Night on the couch at a bar. With a little help from Wikipedia, Ali pretended she was also a fan of the book, mentioning summers in the French Riviera.

On the night she disappeared, Ali texted Ian to meet her at the kissing rock, but ran into Ezra when he drove up to talk to her. She got in but quickly questioned what he was doing there. “Did we have a date I forgot about? I have to be somewhere,” Ali teased. She started to get out, but he grabbed her leg, saying “NO! You’re not going anywhere.”

Ezra continued, “Look it is one thing to make up stories about how you spent your summers, but to lie to a guy about being 21” Ali pointed out that they didn’t do anything, to which Ezra replied that he really liked her. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt,” he told her.

After kissing him on the cheek, Ali hopped out of the car, with a “see you around.” Ezra darkly replied, “no, you won’t.” But before he drove away, Ali leaned back in and said, “Hey, if you ever get your story published, you’d better spell my name right.” Then, she walked to the kissing rock to see Ian.

Are you surprised at what little went down between Ali and Ezra?

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