Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale: What Happened Between Ali and Ian the Night She Disappeared?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale: What Happened Between Ali and Ian the Night She Disappeared?

We’ve known since Pretty Little Liars Season 1 that Ali (Sasha Pieterse) met up with Ian the night of her disappearance — and, tonight, we learned the truth about what went down between the two of them. Here’s what Ali and Ian talked about, as shown in the Season 4 finale

Ian and Ali actually saw each other twice the day of her disappearance. First, at the Hilton Head Hotel where she had been spending the weekend with him. She decided to spend the weekend with him to get away from “A” — but Melissa showed up in a jealous rage. Ian convinced her that Ali meant nothing to him while Ali listened from the other room. While Melissa and Ian spoke, Ali stole incriminating videos from Ian’s computer — including the video of Jenna sexually harassing Toby. She leaves before Ian can say goodbye.

That night, Ian and Alison meet up at The Kissing Rock, as we’ve seen in the video they made that once had the Liars believing Ian had killed Alison. It looks like Ian kills Ali, but she leaves their rendezvous alive. After tonight’s episode, we know that they agreed to break up — somewhat amicably. After their goodbye kiss, Alison threatens Ian with the videos she’s stolen from his computer. She tells him that, if “A” keeps harassing her, then she’ll release the videos. She’s still not sure if Melissa or Ian is “A,” but she is covering all of her bases. Ian is freaked out — even more than Ali thought he would be — telling Ali that, if those videos got out, there are things on them that would hurt her family. The two part ways — both alive.

Later in the episode, we find out that it was Alison who pushed Ian off of the bell tower in the Season 1 finale to save Spencer. Girls got moves.

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