The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale: Will Beth Greene Die at Terminus?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale: Will Beth Greene Die at Terminus?

Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) said we all have jobs to do, and right now our job is to ask “Where In the World Is Beth Greene?”

Is Emily Kinney’s pretty moonshiner alive and being held captive somewhere, perhaps at Terminus? Is she already dead? Will she die in this Sunday’s The Walking Dead Season 4 finale, “A”? Will her fate be kept hidden until Season 5, which doesn’t start until October?

After Episode 13, “Alone,” Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) said the mystery of Beth’s kidnapping would be “a really good point of suspicion for a while; there's not going to be a quick resolve to that situation. It gets very scary.” During comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman’s recent Reddit AMA, a fan asked what he could say about Beth’s outcome. All RK would say is, “We will see Beth again... eventually.”

When is “eventually,” and what state will she be in when we see her?

Spoil the Dead put together a handy filming guide for the season, and they noted that Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) were filming on November 21, which was around the final day of shooting. They also noted Steven Yeun (Glenn) came outside to greet fans on Nov. 21 and Emily Kinney was "seen in the area, unclear if she was filming."

So it's possible Emily was filming, even a brief scene. If not, why was she there? Steven's Glenn was just at Terminus in Ep 15; if we don't see him again in Ep 16 it would be frustrating but at least we know why he might be in that area. Emily's Beth, though. If she's there, is that a good thing? Will she be a victim of The Hunters, a cannibal group in the comics? Some fans have been speculating that a piece of Beth may be featured on the menu at Terminus, but there’s no basis for that beyond guesswork. We don’t even know if cannibals will be featured this season, never mind if they are at Terminus with Beth.

Is Beth’s storyline even connected to Terminus? A car with a white cross on the back drove away, presumably with Beth inside, and we originally thought maybe whoever took her was a TV version of Father Gabriel Stokes from the comics. That could still be the case, and maybe we won’t meet him (or Beth) until Season 5.

Do you think we’ve seen the end of Beth this season? If we do see her, do you think she’ll be in good condition or, uh, in pieces? Speculate away below!

Update: Don't be fooled by the Beth death hoax out there, showing pics of Emily with a knife at her throat and dead in a pool of blood on the ground; that's from her stint on The Following.

The Walking Dead Season 4 finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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