Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Burning Questions: Was Mrs. DiLaurentis Working With CeCe?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Burning Questions: Was Mrs. DiLaurentis Working With CeCe?

We love all of Pretty Little Liars’ constant thrills and surprises, but at the end of every episode, it always seems as though we have more questions than answers — and that was especially true of this week’s finale.

To that end, we’ve tackled the biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to figure out what’s really going on in Rosewood, and to pick up on any and all clues.

Here are 10 questions from Season 4, Episode 24: “‘A’ Is for Answers.”

1. Did Mrs. D drop a major hint by saying not to turn your “back” on a Hastings?

Who knew Mrs. D was so fond of wordplay? We hear her tell Ali to never turn your back on a Hasting, and we’re now wondering if this is a subtle hint from the show that it was Jason who is half a Hasting is the one who hit Ali with the rock while her back was turned. Indeed, when Mr. Hastings reminds Mrs. D at the police station that they have an agreement, maybe it’s not Spencer whom he’s trying to protect but Jason.

2. Why was Mrs. DiLaurentis buying clothes for CeCe?

Just for the record, we wouldn’t mind if Mrs. D wanted to buy us clothes. But now that we know CeCe was wearing the top that Hanna’s mom found at the DiLaurentis home last week we’re wondering why Mrs. D would be helping CeCe out. Could CeCe and Ali be somehow related? Or does CeCe just respect Jessica’s fashion sense?

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Burning Questions: Was Mrs. DiLaurentis Working With CeCe?
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

3. Was Ali’s mom on the phone to Radley on the night Ali was attacked?

On the night that Ali gets a rock to the cranium, we hear Mrs. D on the phone as Ali sneaks out of the house. Ali’s mom tells the person on the phone that she’s shocked by what has happened, and that someone needs to be sent. So we’re thinking Mrs. D is talking to Radley and that perhaps Ali (or Jason?) has a twin who snuck out of the facility. After all, this would help explain why Mrs. D was on the Radley board.

4. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

Just when we were thinking to ourselves, “It’s easy to find out who attacked Ali just ask Mrs. D,” we get thrown for a loop when Mrs. D turns out to, y’know, not have a pulse. As for who killed her, we’re thinking it may be Jason or Ali’s twin. In other words, it’s quite likely to be the same person who tried to kill Ali. If at first you don’t succeed...

5. Who shot Ezra?

OK, so who was the “Ninja ‘A’-ssassin” at the end who shot everyone’s favorite true crime novelist? It would have to be someone athletic and Pigskin Paige certainly fits that description. We’re also wondering if Wren might have returned from London with Melissa, so maybe he was the one on the roof. Or maybe it was Mike, who has punched Ezra in the past...

6. Does Ezra really know who shot him? And does him getting shot mean Ezria can get back together?

If Ezra does in fact know who shot him as we hear him telling the masked assailant then we wish he would have given the Liars a name, rather than telling them how beautiful the night is. (That’s our Ezra, a poet to the bitter end.) But since he thought “A” was Mrs. D, does he not actually know who shot him? Well... he must know, given that he probably didn’t think Mrs. D was kicking ass and taking names on that roof. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get amnesia or something at the start of Season 5...

7. Does “Shadow Play” suggest that it’s actually Toby who shot Ezra?

Rumors have suggested that this season’s “Shadow Play” might have provided some foreshadowing for a future episode. Does this mean that Toby punching Ezra at the end of that episode is telling us that Toby shot Ezra in the finale? After all, “A” is using what appears to be Mr. Hastings’s gun on the roof, and Toby would certainly have had access to it. Plus, it’s still fishy that Toby was hanging out with Melissa in London.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Burning Questions: Was Mrs. DiLaurentis Working With CeCe?
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family    

8. Does Melissa tell her dad that she killed the girl in Ali’s coffin?

As if Mr. Hastings didn’t already have enough reasons to grimace. Melissa leans over and quietly tells him something in the police station, and we can only assume she tells him that she killed the girl in Ali’s coffin. Perhaps Melissa killed the girl because she thought it was Ali, when Ali was actually with Ian at the time. Either way, a police station is so not a good place to tell your dad that you secretly murdered someone.

9. Who owns the nightclub where Ali takes the Liars?

Ali takes the Liars to a club, and though she doesn’t tell us who owns it, she does say that the owner travels a lot. So who might this be, since it appears to be important? We see paintings on the wall, and we did see Wren share his artistic side earlier this season. True, Toby and Noel have both shown a fondness for drawing in the past, too. But there’s no question that Wren is a fan of traveling.

10. If Ali didn’t sleep with Ezra or Ian, then who is Beach Hottie?

We know Ali had a pregnancy scare with somebody, along with the fact that the guy was scaring her. And while we’ve assumed lately that this person was Ezra, this no longer appears to be the case, since Ezra (thank goodness) never went all the way with her. And so we’re back to square one on this. But could Detective Holbrook perhaps be the Beach Hottie? After all, we refuse to believe that even one member of Rosewood’s police force isn’t incredibly shady…

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